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Would You Pick a Bugatti Over Your Fiancé?

Would You Pick a Bugatti Over Your Fiancé?

There’s this crazy video on YouTube of a dude parked in his Bugatti offering a chick he doesn’t know a ride… IN FRONT OF HER FIANCE!!

What’s even crazier is the fact that she actually gets in the car – she literally picked a car over her fiancé (well, her financial perception of this car and the man driving it).

This leads to what I want to discuss with you today that directly concerns you…

Believe it or not, you may have more in common with this crazy chick than you think…

As much as I hate to admit it, I know I sometimes do.

If you’re anything like me, you probably don’t always put yourself ahead of certain material possessions.

I think we can agree that you and I both are totally and undeniably more valuable than anything material, right? But do your actions always tell this story?

Let’s find out. How often do you get your car serviced for maintenance? Pretty regularly, right?

Because you know that if you don’t take care of your car and maintain it properly it will eventually stop working or working well, leading to a lot more problems with it, money spent to fix said problems and stress caused as a direct result of both!

Your body is the same…With 2 exceptions.

  • The consequences of not taking care of it are 10000x more significant!
  • Your body has the ability to “deal” with neglect a little longer and function at some capacity while health rapidly deteriorates internally, but eventually, it can’t anymore. Hence why people ultimately render themselves diabetic or smoke for decades before cancer forms in the lungs.

    So when was the last time you went to your doc for a check-up or got blood work done?

    Hopefully, you’re on point with that and things are well, but if you or someone you know hasn’t been taking care of your bodies routine maintenance, I urge you to really listen to what I’m trying to say here…

    Getting ahead of the game and keeping your health in order begins with getting your blood work done- Catching abnormal variances early in cholesterol levels, blood pressure, liver enzyme levels & discovering bacterial infections, viruses or evidence of forming disease are often what determine a minor treatment protocol from a catastrophic emergency.

    Think about it, would you want to know in advance if something was wrong with your car that if left unresolved would result in a violent crash & explosion, that would 100% result in severe bodily harm or death? Of course, you would…

    Back to priorities and putting material things ahead of yourself…

    If you’re not getting a yearly physical and getting blood work done 1-2 times a year, your putting material things ahead of yourself, your health, loved ones, friends and future…

    When it’s laid out like that it really does give some perspective, doesn’t it?

    The vessel you live within (your body for those still with me) is your absolute lifeline – you have to take amazing care of it because unlike a car, this is the only one you’ve got & you’re stuck with it for life!!

    Making this adjustment and changing your mindset as it pertains to your health, which is literally more important than anything or anyone else, because without it, nothing else matters, literally come down to one thing…

    Taking responsibility.

    Are you willing to take it upon yourself to keep up with regular check-ups and bloodwork as a precautionary, intelligent step to protect yourself, your health and the people who depend on you?

    Or are you that person who’s going to roll the dice by just sitting around hoping everything is OK and then act shocked when you figure out it’s not?

    I already know that answer…

    You’re part of the Nutrition Solutions family and are someone who makes their health and quality of life a priority. By using our service, you guarantee you’re putting only premium fuel in the tank and you organically check the most important box as it relates to action steps to better ones health-which is a proper diet.

    However, you can do even more…

    If it’s been a while since you had a checkup or gave blood please schedule an appointment and go get checked out. That would honestly mean a lot to me. If you need some help finding a place in your area that you can go to, reply to this message and my team and I will help you out with that.

    We care that much and are always here to help…

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