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80% of the Population is Making This Unhealthy Mistake Daily…

80% of the Population is Making This Unhealthy Mistake Daily…

From a very early age we’re taught that drinking water is “good for us”, pretty much 100% of the population would agree that it’s the most crucial part of survival.

However, over 80% of the U.S. population still spend most of the year in a “chronically dehydrated” state.

Do you understand why this is so significant to your health, productivity and fat loss goals?

Probably not, which is why this is such a prevalent issue in society and the reason for today’s article…

At least 60% of the body is made up of water and pretty much every internal biological mechanism relies on being hydrated…

When dehydrated, even by a meager 10%, everything inside of you works far less efficiently, including your bodies ability to burn fat & if you’re a guy, produce a healthy erection! (Ladies, please pass that along to your significant other!)

Here are some more things which instantly go into free fall mode when you’re dehydrated…

  • DigestionReduced dramatically because the body doesn’t have enough water to produce digestive acid. The consequences can include ulcers, acid reflux and gastritis. Bad digestion means your metabolism slows down, recovery suffers and energy falls fast because you can’t make use of the food you’re eating properly.
    ** Bonus Health Fact: Did you know 75% of the immune system lives in the gut so when you have bad digestion you also have bad health, period!**

  • Energyslows down along with recovery when dehydrated. The heart’s stroke volume instantly drops which means it cannot circulate as much oxygen-rich blood to the brain and muscles. Loss of energy, fatigue and slow recovery are all symptoms of dehydration.

  • Metabolic Rateis crushed when you’re dehydrated! The fastest way to ramp up your metabolism with immediate results is to actually drink more water, that is a FACT.
    You know what else happens when dehydrated?

    You are far more likely to EAT LIKE SH*T! When you’re dehydrated the body cannot metabolize stored glycogen very easily, so it tells the brain to consume sugar to “fix the problem.” Dehydration is cited as one of the most common cravings triggers out there and it is so easily fixed!

    The simple solution to dehydration, in 6 words…


    That’s it. If you’re a larger person over 200 pounds, drink even more!

    By simply increasing your water intake you will:

    • Look Younger and more vibrant (Attractive!)
    • Feel much more energized and ready to crush your goals
    • Be so much healthier inside
    • Store less water weight in your lower belly, love handles and face!

    Make increasing your water intake the top priority this week and you’ll quickly see and feel the benefits listed!

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