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Why All Successful People Meal Prep

Why All Successful People Meal Prep

Recently, meal prepping and meal prep services like Nutrition Solutions have gained a lot of popularity, and for some, they are vital for those trying to reach their physique goals.

Our team has helped and consulted with thousands of successful entrepreneurs, businessmen, athletes and professional bodybuilders and asked how either home-based meal prep or professional meal prep helps them reach their goals.

Here are the top 3 reasons the best of the best use Nutrition Solutions or prepare their meals in advance.

1.Saves time 

For most, time is the most precious currency; it’s the one thing you can’t get back.

What if I gave you an extra 10 hours a week to do whatever you like? Whether you used this to catch up on sleep, work harder, get more gym sessions in or spend some quality time with your family those 10 hours would probably have a major impact on you and your families life.

Well, by using a meal prep service you save valuable time on grocery shopping, preparation, cooking, and cleaning, based on preparing 4-6 meals per day (depending on your goals), this amounts to about 10 hours per week.

If you aren’t ready to jump onto meal prep then even bulk preparing your meals in advance could save 5 hours per week!

2. Saves Money

If you’re like most people and you don’t have your meals waiting for you at home, you probably stop on the way home and pick up Chipotle or similar ‘healthy’ fast food! Not only does this cost quickly add up, but it’s also de-railing your goals, but even the healthier options are also still calorie dense.

While most people only consider their grocery store bills, their total daily food spend is normally double or triple this, because of eating out or snacking mindlessly on the go. When we’ve had clients calculate this, most save over $300 per month by using Nutrition Solutions or meal preparing at home.

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Finally, remember, time is money. If you spend 5 to 10 hours preparing food in advance, then you could be losing anywhere from around $200 per WEEK all the way up to $500 per WEEK (depending on what your time is worth).

When you combine the cost of purchasing all the food and preparing it, you can quickly see why most clients SAVE on our meal plans. You can calculate your exact spend and savings with the food calculator on our website!

3. Stick to your fitness goals

One of the biggest reasons most people fail to reach their fitness goals is inadequate nutrition or consistent nutrition.

By having your meals already made for you can know for sure that you are getting all of the calories and nutrients you need, without skipping meals, binge eating or grabbing unhealthy snacks/meals on the go.

There’s no arguing that those who pre-prepare their meals or have their meals prepared by our team of experts (including sports scientists and certified weight loss specialists) lose more weight, achieving their goals quicker and stay consistent over the long-term (compared to most people who yo-yo diet).

Apart from all the time and money, you would save each week, how much is your dream physique, better health, levels of confidence and a superior quality of life worth to you?

When you calculate the time savings, the fact you will SAVE money and the fact, that you are 10x more likely to achieve your goals, you can see why meal prep is a no-brainer for many of the world’s leading authorities, entrepreneurs, celebrities, and fitness models.

Learn more here: https://nutritionsolutionslifestyle.com

Author: Rudy Mawer, MSInternational Celebrity Trainer, Sports Scientist


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