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What Are You Afraid Of?


What Are You Afraid Of?

Let’s face it…you’re afraid.

We’re all afraid of something.

There are 7.6 billion people on earth and we all experience fear. But what’s the most common fear?

It’s not snakes.

…or death.

It’s change.

Change demands you do something different.

It requires you to step out of the familiar, embrace uncertainty and alter your existing routine.

On a biological level, it’s super normal to be afraid of change even if the change will inevitably result in an abundance of positive changes in your life!

Unfortunately, these feelings can mess with our head and make us feel like we shouldn’t be seeking those powerful changes. Most people surrender to those feelings and give up on their goals as a result.

The objective is to NOT be like most people…

Understand the fear of change does not just magically go away…

It goes away only when you confront that fear head-on by deliberately acting in spite of it.

This usually involves doing hard things that you may not feel like doing. Even though you realize these are the right things to do. These elements, although hard, will objectively get you closer to your goals and through consistency, eventually won’t seem hard anymore.

In the lead-up, when those little voices enter your mind attempting to talk you out of taking that step toward greatness, you tell them to “shut the f*ck up” – and take that step anyway.

Forget that you may not feel super confident, have anxiety or are nervous…because those feelings are not real.

You are someone who kicks ass and takes productive action regardless of how you feel!

You’re someone who recognizes that every time you do something you don’t feel like doing, you’re building discipline, confidence and mental toughness.

You’re someone who’s developed an awareness over the fact that when you’re in a situation you’re not comfortable in, your body has internal alarms that go crazy. This is nothing more than an attempt to keep you safe, comfortable and if we’re being honest here, average.

When you learn to consistently act in spite of your feelings and break your pre-existing patterns, you’ll be able to reach heights that you never thought possible.

Maybe you’re a bit apprehensive of trying to eat better, because of past failed attempts with diets…

You may be intimated to try a new type of training to take things to the next level or begin some kind of workout routine at all.

…and that’s fine. It’s normal.

Everyone has those feelings at the beginning of every journey.

Those who succeed and achieve their goals are the ones who took action despite the fear, doubt and uncertainty.

What is that you’re scared of failing at? Go confront it head-on…You may “fail” at first.

But who cares?

Failure isn’t the opposite of success. It’s part of success.

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