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F “Trying”


F “Trying”

With a New Year less than 48 hours away and the season of resolutions officially upon us, I wanted to check-in and ask you something…

How many people do you know that decided to start something new…

Something that will objectively help them grow as a person…

Who rather than burning their boats, attacking the new venture with supreme confidence, equipped with no excuses & an all in mentality…

Instead went into it carefully, comfortably and with a 1/2 ass approach or mentality?

They usually say and think to themselves, something like, “Oh I’ll just give it a TRY and see what happens.” Followed shortly after with them quitting or giving up on the goal they claimed was once so important to them.

The uncomfortable truth…is this, winners don’t try.


Now, there’s a chance you’ve even said this before…I know I have.

…and looking back at all those situations where “I’ll try” was my inner or outer dialogue, there was a common denominator every single time.

I tried – and I failed. Miserably oftentimes.

The fact is, people who opt with this narrative their entire life will be lucky to ever be more than “average”.

People who “try” and/or seem to always be planning to “start on Monday, next month, their birthday, the new year” or whatever other justification of procrastination they can conjure in their mind, NEVER do anything significant with the one and only life they’ve been given.

It’s that’s truly unfortunate.

So it should come as no surprise to anyone, that these are the first people to give up any time things get hard or start to feel a little uncomfortable from what their use to.

Note: what they’re “used to” is what compelled them to set a new goal and make some changes in the first place!

…they’ll then make excuses, blame other people, things or circumstances for their own shortcomings and the fact that once again, they didn’t follow through.

Failure to accept full responsibility over your life is the literal kiss of death in the success game.

They’ll of course try and control the narrative of why they quit in a manner that protects their ego- whether it’s some excuse, event or external variable that made it “impossible” for them to follow through, or maybe they’ll just say something like, “well, I did that, I tried but it didn’t work. I just don’t think “this” is for me”

But the reality is, they lost before the game even started. The mentality they had going in guaranteed a losing outcome.

And the fact is, if a film crew had been following them around recording their actions, it would quickly become painfully honest to everyone, themselves included, that they weren’t taking it seriously, at best, they were doing 50% of what was required 50% of the time.

Lack of results in any area is usually due to a lack of consistency.

Consistency = all of the time, for a long time.

Our words matter. Especially about ourselves So we need to be mindful of how we think and speak, ensuring that internal and external dialogue is one of positivity, confidence & inspiration!

So, please, from this point forward let’s eliminate the word “try” from your vocabulary.

When you say you’ll “try” you are demonstrating weakness and both a lack of confidence and discipline

You’re failing before you ever get started.

If you want things to be different with this year’s resolution, or any goal you set, you need to go all in!

You don’t “have to” to commit, sacrifice whatever needs to be sacrificed and put in the hard work toward creating a better life…

…you “get to” to do that sh*t!

Listen, it’s really simple, there is no “try.”

You’re either all in, or you’re not.

You’re either gonna do the work and deal with the adversity, or you’re not.

You’re either willing to fight tooth and nail, clawing for every inch that moves you closer to your goals, or you’re not.

The fact the world is a little chaotic right now is all the more reason for you to go all-in on your goals, as it will give you a supremely positive outlet to focus and lock in on!

I want nothing more than for you to make 2021 the best year of your life!

You can and you will, I have no doubt.

But please remember, in order to make it happen, you’re gonna have to GO ALL IN!

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