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What a Sh*tty Day!

What a Sh*tty Day!

It happens. Not everyday is going to be filled with rainbows, unicorns, and dancing dwarfs “or” little people (not sure the politically correct term these days) giving you High 5’s while handing out free pizza and tequila shots.
Stress, hardship, and the feeling like you want to punch someone square in the jaw as hard as humanly possible, is an inevitable part of life. The key is to keep said feelings to a bare minimum, and more over, have a plan for when these emotions sneak up, take over and F up our day, and make us feel like the world is working diligently against us.

Believe me, the world has better things to do…And so do you and I…

Keep reading to view my step by step protocol on how to turn a sh*tty day into a good one….

When I wrote this I did so knowing that most people  won’t bother reading, because it doesn’t contain my secret protocol for 6 pack abs like

6 Pack Abs for Dummies or how to lose 10 pounds in 5 days etc. But what I will tell you, out of all the content I put out,  this is arguably one of the more important ones.

When you find yourself in the middle of a bad day, the first thing you need to do is remember this….


There are hundreds of millions of people out there, that as you’re reading this are also having bad days. Some of their days however include things like being diagnosed with a terminal illness, losing a life long pet, having a limb amputated due to disease, or receiving the news that their spouse or loved one was killed overseas defending our countries freedom…
Still feel you got it bad!? No worries…Read on, answer the following, and take action as needed….


If you had a gun to your head, and had to cite 3 things that you’re totally grateful for, what would they be? This will take you 30 seconds. Don’t be lazy, do it!


Think of someone in your life who means the world to you…Someone who simply improves on your quality of life by just being in it…When is the last time you let them know how much you appreciate them? Do it now. As in send them a text, email or FB message. Feel free to stop reading, send the message then come back.
Ok so you sent the message. Unless you’re suffering from borderline personality disorder or are a paranoid schizophrenic, you should be feeling a little better. But we still have some work to do…


Think of 1 of the many important things you’ve been putting off.  Shouldn’t be hard as we all have honorary PHD’s in Advanced Procrastination. What could you do RIGHT NOW to work toward this “thing” that’s clearly important to you, but has been firmly implanted on your back burner. Do it!!! There is no step too small. Keep in mind how good it’ll feel once you get this “thing” done, NOW,  make your move!


Go to the gym, MURDER YOUR WORKOUT, and have an epic cheat meal after the fact!!!
Bypassing the gym and simply doing the cheat meal unfortunately does not count, has never counted, and will never under any circumstance count.  I can’t even tell you how effective this one is. Most of us let the feelings of grief, sadness, and pain consume and immobilize us. By getting to the gym and exercising you are not only being productive, but you’ll be releasing mood enhancing dopamine that will take effect within 10 minutes of the start of your workout.  So get in there, put on some bad ass music to give you that extra push (fell free to use my personal playlist) and spend an extra 20-30 minutes on the weights, and an extra 10 on the cardio. If you don’t feel better after, please send me an email, and I will personally pay for your cheat meal!


Google “Cute Puppy Pics”. Review images.
If none of the above mentioned techniques work, I highly suggest checking yourself in for a full mental health evaluation, as probability suggests you may in fact be a serial killer!!!
***Save This In A Safe Place Where It Can Be Easily Accessed In The Event A Sh*tty Day Presents Itself, And Feel Free To Share This On Facebook Or With Someone You Know Who Always Seems To Have A Sh*tty Day!!! 🙂

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