The 5 Best Ways To Cheat

The 5 Best Ways To Cheat

We are all at some point going to succumb to temptation as it pertains to our respective diet plans. It’s a necessary evil at times, and from a mental stand point, can be extremely beneficial to ones psyche. That said, there are some “cheat meals” one can consume that will not dramatically hinder, off set, or completely derail their progress, as much as others.

Today we’ll look at 5 of the Best of the Worst as it relates Cheat Meals….

Rules to Follow

– Consume cheat meals within 45 minutes-1 hour of an intense training session. Preferably a large muscle like legs or back.

– Double up on your digestive enzymes with this meal.
– When possible, ensure to do fasted (empty stomach) cardio the next morning.
– Ensure your cheat meal under no circumstances turns into a cheat day.

1. Burger and Fries

Not all burger and fries are created equal my hungry friends. Chilis, Outback, 5 Guys, or your local diner are far superior options to your obligatory McDonalds and Burger Kings of the world. Naturally, hold off on mayo, butter, and cheese for a lower fat option that will still provide a gratuitous amount of muscle building protein and carbohydrates.

2. Pizza

Go the double spinach route for an explosion of added low calorie, high vitamin, mineral, anti-oxidant and phytonutrient content! Also, an excellent source of magnesium, folate, potassium, and vitamins a, b, k, and c. Don’t use the nifty little dipping sauces provided (that taste great btw) and be sure to stay clear from added meat!! Your thought process will probably be “more protein = more gains”, but the reality is the quality of meat used in pizza chains is typically sub par in nature. Additionally, sausage and pepperoni bring pretty much nothing to the table in the nutrition department.

Who thinks Nutrition Solutions should put a protein pizza on the menu? Ask and you shall receive my friends. 🙂

3. Blueberry Pie

I regret to inform you that carrot cake does not constitute a vegetable. Blueberries however carry some of the highest anti-oxidant content of  the majority of fruit or veggies, and studies have even suggested can help ward off Alzheimer’s  disease. Pass on the heap of ice cream on top and hold the whip cream to spare a sh*t load of calories from saturated fat and sugar. Leaving a little crust behind wouldn’t kill you either folks.

4. Pancakes

Not the low calorie, high protein ones clients living the Nutrition Solutions lifestyle get to enjoy on a weekly basis as part of their healthy meal plan, but legit pancakes, using traditional ingredients, like grandma used to make. Ideally go the whole grain route and add banana or blueberries for a more nutritionally balanced option. Add a table spoon of Nuts N More Almond butter to incorporate some needed healthy fats, and a little food porn. If you’re more the syrup type, always go the sugar free route. Using the latter is simply irresponsible, and clearly you are very responsible being you’re reading this article at this precise moment.

5.  Fro-Yo

The make your own frozen yogurt industry has exploded as it gives consumers the opportunity  to create their own cocktail, or mix and match different flavors with an assortment of various topping. But when not over done, and enjoyed in conjunction with the above mentioned rules, this particular cheat is not that bad. Do: stick with fruits as topping. The darker the fruit, the higher the nutrient content. Ex Blueberries, blackberries, rasberries. Don’t: add 7 servings of miscellaneous chocolates, candy, donuts, and liquid sugar based syrups on top of your fro-yo , as it’s simply not conducive to maintaining a small waist and wash board abs.
If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below.

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