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Top 7 Daily Habits of the Worlds Most Successful CEO’s

Top 7 Daily Habits of the Worlds Most Successful CEO’s

Regardless if you’re a “CEO” in the traditional sense of the term, the reality is whether you like it or not, you are in fact the CEO of YOU!
Meaning you are responsible for your life, your success, and for doing the things one needs to do to grow both on a personal and professional level.
The world’s top CEO’s of the most successful companies have clearly figured out a thing or 2 in order to get to achieve what most of society considers a successful life, and have done us all a massive favor by leaving behind clues and footprints of their path while on their respective journeys.
Today I would like to share what in my opinion are 7 of the most effective daily “tricks & secrets” the world’s most elite utilize to continually get and experience personal growth.

1) Exercise

Whether you’re going for a morning walk, afternoon yoga class, or hitting the weights after work, the mental and cognitive benefits of exercise are in direct proportion to the physical ones.

2) Listen to personal development books & podcasts

There is no shortage of time in the day for this. While on your commute to work, in the shower, during cardio, or really any other time during the day, listening to self-improvement content will improve skills across the board as it relates to goal setting, personal responsibly, self-awareness, leadership, values, and the importance of contribution beyond ones self. Make it as mandatory as you would wiping after using the restroom. 30 min a day. No excuse.


3) Eat healthy and meal prep in advance

The foods we put into our body will be directly proportional to the quality of our life. It all starts with our health and comfort as it relates to our physical body. If you’re not pre-planning your meals in some manner, the results will be comparable to what would happen if an NFL team never practiced for, or went over any sort of strategy for their next opponent . It doesn’t end well.

4) Surround yourself exclusively with positive, like-minded, supportive individuals who’s attitude and skillset compliment your own, and allow you to “level up” by proxy.

If you surround yourself with 5 lazy, broke, out of shape, miserable, unambitious people, bank on the fact you’ll quickly become # 6.

5) Celebrate the success and accomplishments of others.

If there was a single trait I can attest every successful person walking the planet has in common, it would be this. Genuinely celebrating the prosperity and success of others. Take note and implement in your own life immediately and accordingly.

 6) Compliment other daily.

A simple compliment to someone can make their week, and yours as well. The energy we put out into the world directly proportional to what the world will send back our way. Make it a point to compliment at least 2 people every single day.
***Females typically like having their hair and shoes complimented, men, we really like it all!
If someone looks sharp reinforce that fact by letting them know! If they did a good job on an assignment, task, or even during a workout and you took note, you owe it to them (and yourself) to acknowledge their efforts.

 7) Use Supplements

Supplements are a great way to support our goals, health, cognitive function, levels of energy, and promote an overall healthier lifestyle. (Check out my recommended essential supplement guide here)

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