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Critical Info on the Future of the Company

Critical Info on the Future of the Company

Below is an email I recently sent out to my team at Nutrition Solutions. After receiving feedback and responses from the staff, I decided I would share it with my newsletter list as well¬†because I truly believe some of you will draw value from the content and context within. Hopefully, I’m not wrong. ūüėČ



I have a huge announcement to make in reference to our current operation/set up/processes/ and culture.

I’ve been doing a lot of strategic planning and soul searching as of late, and I’ve had some pretty astounding breakthroughs regarding my mindset, clarity on personal and professional goals, and most importantly the standards that will need to be present in order to achieve what it is I desire most with Nutrition Solutions.

These breakthroughs have helped me reach new heights of self-awareness, levels of innovative thinking, and has given me some much-needed perspective, as well as made clear several things that need to be improved, adjusted, or just flat out done away with permanently if we are to move forward.

And it all starts with me.

 I have done a poor job of holding people accountable, establishing a proper structure within the organization for maximum efficiency and results, & communicating/enforcing the standards and overall culture of our company. 
This is what basically defines LEADERSHIP, and in that regard, I feel I have failed. (learned)
This is a fact that cannot be contested or understated, and the sole purpose we have had most if not all of the issues, conflicts, or flat out massive failures (learning experiences) that we have experienced throughout the course of time.
I sincerely apologize to each and every one of you and assume personal responsibility for everything.
By accepting responsibly I am not only making an admission of fault, but I am taking the massive action steps needed to rectify, resolve, and improve each and every layer of the Nutrition Solutions infrastructure.
The standards I have created and failed to enforce are not negotiable, optional, or to be me met somewhere in the middle.
Standards are just that. Standards. And the ones I have created have been done so for no other reason than so WE can establish ourselves as: the best company in this space, in the entire world, with the best product, customer service/support, marketing, culture, and customer satisfaction.
This is what I demand of myself and Nutrition Solutions as a brand, and I’ll do whatever it takes, for however long it takes, to make it reality.¬†
We are far from that point, but well on our way. 
But in order to be the best, we have to constantly do ALL THE THINGS one would do in order to get to that point, each and every day.
The best in the world at anything did not wake up one morning in that position, nor did they rely on the efforts of others to get them to the top. 
The best became the best by cultivating daily habits conducive to growth/prosperity, making sacrifices, investing in themselves and their futures day in/day out, accepting complete responsibility for their lives, and doing all of the before mentioned CONSISTENTLY, for a very long time. 
A lot of you know the things I do to better myself, whether on a personal or professional level, and are familiar with the work I put in to become a more well-rounded human being. 
What I’ve realized is as good as it all sounds on paper, regardless of the progress I’ve made, and as overall rewarding as it has been, it’s simply¬†NOT ENOUGH¬†to meet my personal standards ¬†as it pertains to accomplishing my goals.
So for that reason, I have decided to further invest in myself, our company, and all of you, and hire an individual to be MY BOSS, as well as the new, Chief Leadership Officer of Nutrition Solutions.
This isn’t just any average “business guy” or former CEO.¬†This is a former supervisor and current mentor of mine,¬†who is also arguably one of the most highly decorated enlisted service members in the Special Operations community, of any branch of¬†military, in the entire world.
He is also a business management and leadership consultant.
His name is Chief Petty Officer John Marsack, and his credentials as a leader are extensive and undeniable.
Check out Chief Marsack’s extensive credentials by clicking below:

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