The most inspiring person I know…

The most inspiring person I know…

I feel like the words “inspiration” and “motivation” are often overly and misused in pop culture today.

In my opinion, motivation and feeling inspired are absolutely useless without subsequent action, and regardless of how pumped up something or someone makes us feel, the only thing that matters at day’s end is taking action and doing the work!

Today I want to share with you someone who inspires me on a daily basis.

Nick Santonastasso is a lot of things to me; a protege, a little brother, a Sponsored Athlete of my company Nutrition Solutions, and a friendly reminder that there truly are no valid excuses for anything, ever.

I’m so proud of Nick and the progress he’s made on a personal and professional level and thought I would share with you a short segment CNN recently released outlining his story.

Please do yourself a favor, take a few minutes and check this out!!


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