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This will offend some…

This will offend some…

For those who may be offended by the following content, let me apologize in advance. It is certainly not my intention to cross any boundaries or hurt anybody’s feelings, but at days end I would not feel right if I didn’t candidly put this out there.

We, as humans, are genetically engineered to do only as much work that’s needed to ensure sustainability, or exist per se. From a biological standpoint it promotes efficiency, from a personal development spectrum it can be referred to as what’s known in the English language as laziness.

Unfortunately, these behaviors have put us in a position where for the first time in the history of our species, the average humans life expectancy is actually going down!

Today I’m going to identify the Top 5 excuses WE make to talk ourselves out of living a healthier lifestyle.
The following are in no particular order of importance or significance, they are in the order I jotted them down when writing this article.


1. No Motivation

If this applies to you you’re in luck! Because having 0 motivation is actually a huge motivating tool in itself. Remember, life starts outside of your comfort zone. Change can be scary yes, but you want to know what’s even scarier? Being right where you’re at 5 years from now! Download the Rocky theme on ITunes and let’s get to work…

2. Eating healthy is too expensive

No, eating healthy at restaurants is too expensive. Hell, eating unhealthy at most restaurants can be too expensive as well. It’s just not practical to think you will ever be able to change your body if you do not have meals prepared in advance. Whether you take the time on a Sunday to prepare meals for the week, or utilize a healthy meal company to do all the work for you, make the investment in yourself and understand it’s a lot cheaper to go either of these routes than to be inundated with medical bills as a result of obesity related illness down the road. ($180 billion annually currently is spent in the U.S. treating obesity related illness. 70% of which are categorized as preventable!)

3. I don’t have time

Right. If you truly feel you don’t have the time to eat healthy and exercise, go ahead and plan on making the time for the following in the not so distant future:

  • Low self esteem
  • Decreased confidence
  • Health problems
  • Depression
  • Lack of sex drive

A 1-hour workout represents 4% of your day. Think about it.

4. I have kids to take care of and cook for

Great! Even better. Take care of them by setting a strong example and instilling healthy and positive habits in them early. Or don’t, and eventually will come the day in the foreseeable future when they will have to take care of you, because you failed to take care of yourself.

5. Healthy food is boring and doesn’t taste good

Really? Check out this FOOD PORN gallery and please let me know what exactly you feel is boring and/or wouldn’t taste good. 🙂



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