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My 20 minute fat shredding workout

My 20 minute fat shredding workout

So, you don’t have time to workout? I hear you. Trust me.

Whether you legit feel you’re too busy to commit an hour a day 3-5 days a week, OR you’re crunched for time on a given day, but don’t want to skip the gym altogether, today I’m going to share with you a fat annihilation weight training routine that will not only leave you feeling more pumped than you’ve most likely ever been, but will do so in just 20-25 minutes.

Friendly Disclaimer: there is no physical way possible you will be able to perform this routine as its meant to be if you are someone who meets any of the following criteria:

1.  Feel the need to check social media accounts in between each and every set.
2.  Are unwilling to put any and every text conservation on hold for the time period in question.
3.  Are an extremist social butterfly and incapable of not saying hello to every other member of your gym in the time present there.
4.  Are unwilling to remove yourself from your comfort zone.
If none of the above apply, click here and check it out!

This is a total body circuit. Rules and key points to follow.
  • You will perform 1 exercise for each body part, 3 sets for each exercise
  • 30 reps each set (stick with the same weight throughout)
  • 30 seconds rest in between sets
  • Your last set of every exercise will be a drop set. ***Meaning after your 3rd set of said exercise, you will immediately drop your weight 5-10 pounds and perform 15 additional reps.
  • Ego will be checked at the door as you will be using much lighter weights today than usual.
  • You will not b*tch, cry, or complain, and will see it through to completion even if it means taking additional rest periods to recover.
Exercise #1:  Ez Bar Bicep Curls


Exercise #2:  Side lateral raises


Exercise #3:  Flys (machine or cable)


Exercise #4:  Seated cable rows


Exercise #5:  Crunches


Exercise #6:  Rope push downs


Exercise #7:  Leg extensions


Exercise #8:  Clean Cheatz hand to mouth (provided you can lift your arms at that point) to reward yourself as you exit your gym in a vascular, pumped up, and vibrant, blaze of glory!  🙂



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