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Setting You Up To Fail: The Weight Loss Industry’s Hidden Agenda *Exposed* *

Setting You Up To Fail: The Weight Loss Industry’s Hidden Agenda *Exposed* *

Did you know that some companies in the weight loss industry deliberately attempt to make their clients and customers FAIL?

A former CEO of one of the world’s largest fat loss businesses admitted in an interview their business model aimed to make their customers fail… without their knowledge of course.

Why on Earth would they do this?!

Because it made them dollars, billions of them! Billions with a B…

I know that might seem far fetched, but do me a favor and think about these scenarios…

1. Why do you see so many personal trainers out there training out of shape or overweight clients who even after working with the trainer for an extended period of time, still aren’t getting results?

The sad reality is sometimes you have trainers that think if they actually educated and held their clients accountable to the actual thing that will help them reach their goals; their nutrition, that when they get the results they came to the trainer for in the first place, that the client will quit training and the trainer lose out on money. I know this because I hear some version of this narrative just about every day when speaking to frustrated clients that come to us for help and admit that despite working with and paying a trainer a lot of money, they see little to no results.

Now I also know of and work very closely with some amazing trainers! They refer clients to us all the time because they really care about their clients and want to help them. They take pride in what they do and understand that they can train someone twice a day, 7 days a week, but if that person is eating like sh*t, they’re not going to get results. All the trainers with this mindset that I’ve come across not only have super impressive resumes but make a lot of money as well. Imagine that!

2. Have you ever bought or used a supplement that claimed it would do “something”, but the only thing it actually did was leave you disappointed, annoyed and with less money in your pocket?

You’re not alone. Reportedly, approximately 70% of supplements are under-dosed from what the label says and/or don’t have in it what it’s supposed to have to create the advertised effect! How is that even a thing that’s possible you may ask? Well, the supplement industry is barely regulated, so by under-dosing products they save a ton of money and significantly increase their profit margins! The majority of supplement companies invest a disproportionately higher amount of time, money and resources on marketing than the research and development of a quality product! So if you’ve ever wondered why some brands are insanely cheaper than others for what on paper is the same product, wonder no more.

Not all supplements are created equal and this is something you need to be aware and mindful of! We are after all talking about something that you put into your body! That’s why we only advocate and recommend certain supplement brand, predominantly 1stPhorm and Kaged Muscle Supplements. Those 2 are at the top of the supplement industry food chain, focus on quality and independently test their products and share the results with the outside world to maintain full transparency and give their customers peace of mind…

3. Have you ever noticed that every year a new fad diet is introduced and jammed down our throats that claims to be the “secret” to losing all your fat in a super short period of time?

The South Beach Diet, IIFYM, Zone, Low Carb, Gluten Free, Paleo, Keto, etc. The list goes on. What do all of these have in common? The fact that marketing experts, social media and paid Hollywood celebrities made them popular, NOT long term scientific research, or organic, authentic, documented testimonials of millions of people who were able to change their lives by using them.

The average person loves the idea of a quick fix and jumps at the idea that in only a few weeks or months, they’ll be able to lose all the unwanted, unattractive fat they’ve been piling on for years!

And basically, every meal prep service tries and leverage this to take advantage of that emotion so they’re able to increase revenue. If you know anything about Nutrition Solutions, you know that we don’t market or promote any fad diet or system of eating that promotes short term results with no regard to long term sustainability. I’d be lying if I told you that we sometimes lose out on business because of that fact and that we don’t offer nutrition programs that offer a “quick fix” and don’t shy away from reminding people that come to us with that instant gratification mindset that nothing great comes easy and anything worth doing in life takes time. But we have a responsibility to our clients to help them not only accomplish but dominate their goals and our programs are designed so that if you follow it, it’s impossible to not get results!!

It sucks that this is the world we live in, but if you think about it, it’s not that difficult to understand why so many people fail or fall victim…

Life sometimes gets the best of us and we get to a point where we feel desperate, depressed or disgusted with what we see when we look in the mirror… We feel like sh*t more days than not, have low energy and whether or not we’re consciously aware, our confidence is profoundly impacted in a negative way which hurts us in every other area of our lives. I know this because a short time ago I’ was living it- And I’ll never forget how sh*tty it felt being a leader of a company that promotes healthy living, fitness and living a strong life, yet I was the most physically and mentally out of shape that I’ve been in my entire life.

So when we see that commercial, hear the story from that co-worker, or see that post from that fitness influencer that claims to be able to solve all of the issues we just talked about, for the first time in perhaps a very long time, you experience you haven’t felt in a while…


So you give it a shot…

Now perhaps you see some results initially, perhaps not. Regardless, you soon fall off track, plateau or aren’t able to keep up with “it”, failing to realize that “it” is not set up or designed to be a long term fix.

Ultimately you gain all the weight and fat back, maybe even more… Emotionally you’re left distraught, feeling like a loser and in a desperate, vulnerable state. Eventually, you go back to the same company, trainer or product and begin the vicious cycle all over again.

The fat loss company CEO I’ve been referring to admitted to all of this and how important psychology was in their marketing strategy.

Unfortunately, this industry has become more about making money than actually making an impact and we realize that a lot of companies claim to care about helping people, but few back it up with their actions.

WE CARE. Not just about helping our clients and members of our Nutrition Solutions family reach their goals, but for everyone, everywhere that is committed to becoming the best version of themselves possible!

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