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The Single Biggest Fat Loss “Trick”

The Single Biggest Fat Loss “Trick”

Getting pumped up on New Year’s motivation without a solid action plan is a guaranteed short-cut to failure and disappointment. Motivation alone is not enough, because it is short-lived and fades when the results don’t happen right away. The only thing which gets results is having the right game plan, combined with accountability and just enough motivation to help you push through those tough days…

Today I’m going to share with you the Single Greatest Fat Loss Hack known to man, that’s GUARANTEED to get you the results you seek;

But first, I have 4 super fat loss tips for you which will make getting ahead in January much easier…

#1 Do HIIT Training instead of slow, steady state cardio

Following Nutrition Solutions on social media especially our IG stories will demonstrate how much we love interval training – we workout together as a team using this method to burn fat, stay mentally sharp thru out the day so we can perform at optimal levels and of course, to look our best!

Interval training is the lowest hanging fruit for fat loss, anybody can do it and it has almost immediate results! (as long as you’re eating right!).

Every other day, do 15 minutes of interval training with a really simple 20 seconds full sprint, 40 seconds low-intensity format – repeated for the duration of those 15 minutes. This can be done on a treadmill, bike, stair master or elliptical! This will melt fat away with ease, burning upwards of 300 calories per session, then a lot more after the fact as your bodies metabolic rate will be increased for the next 24 hours!

#2 Eat Clean, Simple & Diverse

Only eat food which is naturally from the Earth, without the intervention of man. Lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, a lot of veggies plenty of variety etc. – This super simple rule will help you eliminate a ton of bad calories which will help you keep off unwanted body fat! All Nutrition Solutions meals are prepared with the highest quality, clean, healthy ingredients, so you’re good to go there; but any time you’re eating outside of your plan, keep it clean & reference your NS meals as a guide on what & what not to eat!

#3 Customize Weight Training for Fat Loss

Weight training is over 300% more effective for fat loss than cardio only training, but you need to optimize it for the best outcome!!!

Keep rest intervals to 45 seconds, no hanging around between sets for 3 minutes anymore checking your phone!
Use a 3-4 second rep count, this makes the muscle work harder and burn more calories thru out the set!
Super set exercises so you do more volume per workout to burn extra fat
Utilize compound exercises like pull-ups, squats, bench press and deadlifts because they use more muscle fibers and cause a higher rate of energy expenditure.

#4 Use Water & Sleep to Lose Fat

Here is a really simple hack to lose weight immediately…

Drink more water! Because it is the quickest way to boost your metabolic rate and the more you consume, the less water weight your body holds- aim for 1 gallon per day or more if you’re bigger! Prioritize your sleep, going to bed at a sensible time and making sure you put the phone away and stop watching TV or any other blue light transmitting device 1 hour before bed. This will help control the stress hormone cortisol more effectively, which can disrupt fat loss and make it harder to fall asleep when you’re over fatigued and stressed.

At the beginning of this article I told you I would share with you the biggest fat loss hack known to man, well, here it is;

• If you want to change your body…

• If you want to change your life…

• If you want to look, feel and perform better then you have in your entire life, it’s going to come down to just one thing…


That’s it. Everything works. All the different diets all the different workout plans…But unless you’re consistent, meaning doing what you’re supposed to do all the time, for a very long time, nothing will work.

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