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Do You “Selfie”?

Do You “Selfie”?

The obligatory “selfie” photo has become a main stay in social media and pop culture. For any of you riding the anti-selfie bandwagon, I regret to inform you that this trend is here to stay and will not be going away anytime soon. But not all selfie enthusiasts fall under the textbook narcissist category; on the contrary, these photos help people everyday stay on track and dramatically expedite the process as far weight loss goals and getting their bodies in peek physical condition.

Tracking progress with body metrics and measurements allows you to gauge progress over time; it’s easy to record and useful for comparison. The specific numbers (I.E. body fat %) are important, but what’s far more important is that throughout the course of time those numbers move in the appropriate direction. But at the end of the day numbers do not necessarily dictate success. The most accurate assessment one can utilize when tracking progress with fitness goals is gauging how they look, feel, and perform under the specific meal plan or workout routine currently being followed.

Today I’m going to give you my Personal Guide On How To Take The Perfect Progress Picture and Why it’s Important to Share Your “Selfies” on Social Media!

Wear Something Revealing…

or perhaps close to nothing at all besides what is mandatory. To track the body, you need to capture the body, so make sure you get as much of it in the progress pic as humanly possible.
For women I recommend a sports bra and shorts, and for men, gym shorts or boxer briefs. Remember, there is absolutely nothing sexual about these pics. We are trying to lose weight and tighten up here people! Focus!

Keep Pics Consistent…

Do your best to take photos in the same location and wear the same or similar outfit each time, so the only variable that changes is your body. You’ll find it easier to monitor progress this way.

Take Hands Free Shots…

The standard handheld fitness selfie is not always the most solid option for capturing progress pics, as you’re not able to capture the whole body and the angle will be subjective as it will be instinct to try and showcase your most flattering angle/pose.

Keep things hands free and put the camera/phone in a stable place, set the timer, and get in position! This way you are keeping yourself 100% honest.

Lighting is Everything…

Take pics in a well-lit room so that they’re clear and focused. Remember, we aren’t manipulating lighting and shadows to where it works in your favor and makes you look fitter than you really are, but trying to capture the body in it’s natural state and get a concise idea of the canvas we are working with.
***AUTHORS NOTE: Speaking from experience and hundreds of selfies taken over the years, I’ve concluded it’s best not to have the main source of light directly behind you.

Say No to Filters!!!

I realize there are no shortage of cool apps that add filters to photos that can make us look younger, less fat, and more muscular, but our goal is to get a real time depiction of what we are dealing with so we can focus on what areas need work. Save the filters for your pics where you’re fully clothed having fun with family, friends, and loved ones. 🙂

Take Weekly Photos

Consistency is key and maintaining weekly photos will alert you or your nutrition coach of any changes that may need to be implemented in order to expedite the fat loss and muscle building process. I urge you to set a reminder in your smart phone to prompt you until it becomes routine.

Go Above and Beyond the Norm

Besides the standard progress pics, other shots worth documenting and tracking are:

  • Exercise shots to make sure that you’re maintaining correct form and capture specific progress in certain body parts
  • Inspirational physiques or quotes that you aspire toward achieving
  • Your training environment, gym or home gym
  • Anything else that inspires and motivates you!


Why Post Progress Pics on Social Media?

 1) Accountability

One of the most important elements as it relates to the art of goal setting. Posting your pics holds you strictly accountable to the goals you’ve set. Sharing your specific goals when posting your photos solidifies your mission and will allow you to track your progress.

2) Allows You to Celebrate Your Success

The key to achieving happiness in life is making progress. Fulfillment at the highest level will never be experienced unless we make time to celebrate and appreciate the progress we’ve made on our respective journeys. Although you may not yet be “there”, wherever there may be for you, what’s important is that you are closer than you were yesterday.

 3) Increased Confidence

Provided you are not taking and posting 5-23 selfies a day and lose sight on why you are doing so, having higher levels confidence and self awareness can and will have a significant impact on both personal and professional development. Keep in mind folks; when you look good, you are good!

 4) You’ll Motivate and Inspire Others!

Yep, you! Believe it or not you have fans and people rooting for you that you may not even know whether you realize it or not! In life massive breakthroughs are often triggered by an action or re-action. You just never know who will be impacted or compelled to take action based off the fact that you’ve decided to! Your selfie may in fact serve as the catalyst to get someone’s ass off the couch and away from the drive thru, and into the gym and eating healthy!
After reading today’s blog remember, as per Tony Robbins, “Knowledge is not power. Knowledge is only potential power. Action is power”.

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