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Fast Food: What’s Really In It?

Fast Food: What’s Really In It?

Here’s the deal, if you are educated enough to read this then you are intelligent enough to know fast food isn’t ideal for anything except accruing massive amounts of body fat, making you feel like sh*t after the fact, and spending entirely too much money in the process right? (Average $12.50 per meal)

Americans spend their hard earned money (7 out of 10 admit to indulging at least 3 days p/ week) on this stuff, so ultimately we deserve to know what’s REALLY in what we’re paying for. Or maybe you don’t care about it for that reason, maybe you’re looking for a way out of the drive thru permanently, and wish you could re-program your brain or hypnotize yourself to where the mere thought of fast food makes you feel sick and disgusted. Remember that one time you drank too much _________ (Fill in the blank) and it made you so sick you never drank it again, and to this day, even thinking about it makes you cringe? Yup, just like that.

Today ladies and gentleman we are going to talk about “THE DISTURBING TRUTH: What’s Really In the Fast Food You Eat?”.

Undercooked Meats

In most fast food “restaurants” burgers and other meats are not actually fully cooked on the grill, but moved to a warmer where they shall remain for an unspecified period of time with the assumption they will finish cooking there before it is used to fulfill someone’s order. But what happens during the lunch rush or other busy times of day? Consuming undercooked processed meats put you at substantial risk of a variety of food born illnesses. Not to mention it makes you fat! But I’ll try my best to stay on topic.

Lots and Lots of Dye!

Dye is used in hair, furniture, and car interiors to improve on visual aesthetics. Fast food chains also use dye to create the illusion certain foods are “healthier” than they actually are and seem more appealing to the consumer. That in itself is a separate issue entirely, but the fact is artificial coloring used in foods have been shown to affect brain activity and function, adversely affect physical growth, and disrupt the bodies digestion capabilities leading to far more serious health problems.


At this moment you are probably saying to yourself,“How can that even be possible”? The reality is a grotesque 50% of all fast food beverage fountains have fecal matter on them as a result of the hundreds of people who visit these establishments daily who are so busy, they don’t even have the time to wash their hands after using the bathroom. How many people have you shaken hands with today? Ugghhhhh……..

Blood Vessels, Skin, and Nerves

Chicken nugget anyone? The “chicken” used to make nuggets in fast food establishments are not only 55% fat and packed with chemicals including AMMONIA, but contains all of the above mentioned pleasantries mixed in as well. If you wouldn’t eat chicken blood vessels or nerves and ingest ammonia by itself, it’s probably not a bad idea to stay clear of chicken nuggets as well.

Pubic Hair

So at one time or another we have found a hair in our food that either grossed us out to the point of sending back the food, or we carefully removed and simply went back to our regularly scheduled meal. In a recent study, it was founded that the average fast food consumer INGESTS 12 pubic hairs a year. How said pubic hair got in your food to begin with is open for interpretation.
For any of you out there who try and make good choices and opt with salad when indulging in fast food, what they leave off the menu is your salad actually contains a chemical found in….

Anti-freeze and Sexual Lubricant

Ever notice how salads at fast food joints have maybe not the greenest salad, but always a premium level of crispiness? This is because these salads (which typically have 0 nutritional value anyway) are actually saturated in propylene glycol, an active ingredient in the antifreeze you put in your engine and the K.Y. Jelly you use to…. Well, you use it how you use it, I’m just hear to spread a little knowledge. 🙂
I’m hoping those of you who read this have gained a little perspective and going forward will now associate your favorite fast food joints with the bullet points listed above. I encourage you to send this to a co-worker or friend the next time they are making a run to the nearest drive through and please feel free to spread the knowledge by sharing on Facebook or any social media platform. If you decide to carry on indulging in fast food routinely, next time you order make sure to ask them to hold the feces and pubic hair. Make it a great day!

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