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Spending $151 p/ week to get Fat!?

Spending $151 p/ week to get Fat!?

So here’s the deal boys and girls, it’s no secret that our great nation is facing an epidemic of immense proportion; No I’m not talking about Ebola!! I’m of course alluding to the obesity crisis plaguing our society and shortening our children’s life expectancies.

But beside our health, confidence, and overall quality of life, what exactly is this costing us?   Research has conclusively shown that the average American spends $151 dollars weekly on food that in most cases is causing us to not only pack on layers of unwanted body fat and make us feel like sh*t, but costs us entirely too much money for entirely not enough of the right foods!

Today I’m going to give you my Top 6 Reasons Why Americans Spend $151 a Week on food that make them sick and fat!

Too much Fast food

Going through the drive thru routinely will not only affect your waistline but your bank account as well.  In fact, Americans are spending $1200+ annually on burgers, fried chicken, and pizza.  Shelling out on average $12.50 p/ meal!  7 out of 10 Americans admit to opting with fast food 3 days a week!

You’re not meal prepping

Think of it like this; you wouldn’t show up to a gun fight gun-less ready to participate hoping a friend may have some extra weaponry to throw your way, so what exactly makes you think you can achieve your weight loss or muscle building goals without preparing in advance?!  I will flat out tell you there is absolutely no way you’ll ever accomplish anything outside of an impressive set of love handles if you don’t make the time to have healthy food readily available in advance.  You have enough to worry about on a daily basis, the hardest decision you should face when it comes to your diet is what to eat, NOT what to make.

You’re treating food as an anti-depressant

Probably the most over utilized anti-depressant/anxiety “drug” on the planet, all to often we look to certain “comfort foods” to provide a temporary release to the daily stressors life throws are way.  But it never really materializes that way does it?  We experience some temporary mental gratification as a result of an initial endorphin rush, but then what happens? Bloating, discomfort, guilt, and regret when the realization is made that you’ve done nothing but distance yourself further from the body you want.

You’re too busy 

We all have the same 24 hours in a day correct?  But why is it that some of us spend that time tired, stressed, overwhelmed, and seemingly not getting anything done while others seem to always be productive, energetic, happy and fulfilled?  I don’t mean to come across as if I’m trying to jam the importance of a consistent and clean diet down your throat, but these facts are directly correlated to the foods we consume daily.  Your body is like a car in a lot of ways.  For example, a Ferrari 458 would not run very efficiently on 87- grade regular gas.  In order to run and perform at its best, it requires 91-grade or premium fuel.  Our bodies will not and cannot run at its best on low quality garbage filled will excess calories from processed carbs and saturated fats.  It just can’t. The drive thru although convenient and ideal for those with a busy schedule, does not provide what you’ll need in order to improve focus, raise mental acuity, and provide you the energy you need to perform at your best.  Embrace this fact and take corrective action accordingly.

You’re lazy

Not to sound like a complete a-hole, but this is 1000 times more legit an excuse than the standard excuse of  “I don’t have the time”.  Interestingly enough, 1 out of 7 Americans are willing to admit they are simply just “too lazy” to grocery shop and cook healthy meals for themselves.  I appreciate your honesty America, but you do have other options. (Hint, hint)

You fail to do simple math

A lot of us get caught up and overwhelmed with a single larger bill for groceries, or going the time saving route by using a company to meal prep healthy food for them, and fail to realize or understand what they end up spending on food on a weekly/monthly basis.  Those trips to Subway, Taco Bell, Wendy’s or the vending machine add up quick.  I highly suggest keeping a precise log for at least a week or 2 and determine what you are actually spending.  I honestly think some of you will be shocked.  To put it into simple perspective, would you rather spend $100 on food on a Monday to get you through the entire week OR spend $170-$185 in 15 installments over a 7 day period?  Make sense?

These are all facts backed by extensive research. I strongly urge each and every one of you reading to do more than just take note; please take action!  If you have the culinary skills and nutritional knowledge start meal prepping immediately and watch your quality of life skyrocket as a direct result.  If not, and you live in the Jacksonville, Orlando, or Tampa area, remember that Nutrition Solutions offers weekly meal plans for just $119! To anyone keeping score that not only saves you the time and hassle of shopping, cooking, and cleaning, but will also save $32 a week. ☺

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