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PLEASE READ: I beg you

PLEASE READ: I beg you

RIGHT NOW you have an opportunity  to witness, learn, and experience first hand, that no matter how hard and out control your life gets, you actually have the ability to go from rock bottom, to a far better place, in a very short time.
No matter what your circumstances are. And we are not talking about fitness or the diet here, although that applies as well.
Clients of Nutrition Solutions know Lee Anderson as our hard-working Director of Client Relations, NASM Certified Fitness & Nutrition Specialist, and Weight Loss Specialist.  They also know one other thing for sure…
Lee GENUINELY CARES and is passionate about helping people.
I know him as a brother, one of the most loyal, kind hearted human beings I know, an amazing dad,  and convicted felon, who was recently released from prison after serving 6 years, 13 months of which he spent in solitary confinement.
I want you to watch this 1 min video not so I can glorify our companies culture, give second chances, or how we positively reinforce/reward team members who go above and beyond the call of duty, because trust me, I don’t need or seek that type of validation….
But because the message and story here are EXTRAORDINARY, and I feel it’s my responsibility to share it with you. (sorry about the F-bomb, I was fired up!!)
**** rarely do I send my blogs and motivational emails from my actual email because of how many people it goes to, but I’ve asked the IT team to send it from my actual inbox so I can see your replies  because I want to know what you think about his story! So please, hit me back and let me know if this spoke to you in any way!

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