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6 Nutrition Tips to Help You Transform Your Physique

6 Nutrition Tips to Help You Transform Your Physique

Water makes up around 65% of the body… are you drinking enough every day?
As little as 2% dehydration can cause a drop in your performance and energy, hindering your performance, both in the gym and cognitive/brain performance at work!

For your physique, it can also make it harder to lose fat!

When dieting, extra water can increase satiety (fullness) at a meal, helping you to decrease your cravings and stay fuller for longer.

It can even help you burn more calories! In other research, they found one glass of cold water before a boost the participants metabolism for up to 3 hours after the meal!
Adequate water intake is a key aspect of all our clients here at Nutrition Solutions! Try taking a large water jug or bottle around with you on a daily basis, this is a very quick and simple way to increase your daily intake!

Another super fruit we use here at Nutrition Solutions!
Strawberries have so many health benefits and are also one of the lowest calorie and carb fruits around!
They can help with blood sugar and insulin management, while also increasing satiety (feeling of fullness) because of their high water and fiber content.

They also have a low-calorie density, just take a look at a pack of strawberries, which only contains around 150 calories.

Now fill that punnet or package with rice, you would be at around 700 calories! Same amount of food, a lot fewer calories!

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Garlic is another super tasty, super food we use here at Nutrition Solutions!
Did you know, just 1 ounce of garlic provides 23% of your daily manganese, 17% of vitamin B6 and 15% of your daily vitamin C.

It’s also great for blood sugar and insulin function, with research showing it to be as powerful as anti-diabetic drugs.

For a bodybuilder or anyone wanting to improve their physique, insulin and blood sugar management is key, by optimizing this you can drive more nutrients into the muscle cell for growth and repair while keeping them away from the fat cells!

The benefits don’t stop there either!

It’s also one of the most powerful nutrients for fighting off the common cold or flu.
In fact, one study even found that garlic supplementation helped participants reduce the number of sick days by around 60%!

Ever failed a diet? Well, you’re not alone!
Did you know, a 5-year long dieting research has shown that over 65% of dieters regain all the weight they lose when dieting.

Worse still, 1/3 of people regain MORE weight than they lost in the first place!
This is because of yo-yo dieting and failure to achieve an achievable long term plan.

This is one fundamental way Nutrition Solutions goes the extra mile for their customers, ensuring that it’s a full lifestyle change, not just a quick fix for short-term results that never last.

A big part of this is learning to enjoy your diet, by including weekly and even daily foods such as our Clean Cheatz donuts or our super tasty high protein pancakes many clients don’t even feel like they are “dieting”!
Think about it logically, if you enjoy every bite, why would you ever need to binge eat or rebound after the “diet”?
If you can’t see yourself eating these foods in 1, 2 or even 5 years, then your current plan probably won’t work in the long-term!

Learn more about our fat loss meal plans, which can help you lose weight in an enjoyable and sustainable manner – setting you up for both short AND long term success!!

Beans and legumes are a great food group that many people tend to leave out or ignore.
They can play a healthy part in one’s diet, the most important part is to prepare them correctly by allowing them to soak overnight and then boiling at a high heat to remove any anti-nutrients and lectins which can cause digestive issues and are toxic in very large amounts.

With that being said, once prepared correctly, beans and legumes are very healthy and super high in fiber. Just half a cup of beans contains:
– 9 grams of protein,
– 8 grams of fiber,
– 20 grams of slow digesting healthy starch,
– 45% of your daily folate requirements!
– Lots of other key minerals, including iron and magnesium.

For weight loss, they are one of the best sources of fiber, which has been shown to decrease hunger and promote fat loss.

In one study, just 14 days on a higher fiber diet decreased calorie intake by a whopping 10%.
While that may seem small, 10% of total calorie intake can be 200 – 300 per day.
Over a month, this can equate to 2 – 3 extra lbs or weight or, more long term, 24 to 36 LB per year!

While these foods and tips will help take your diet and physique a step further, the fundamentals such as an advanced nutrition plan and consistent training regime must be in place first.
Combined, these fundamentals will determine your long-term success and we all know diet plays an absolutely key role in that.

As the saying goes.. you can’t out-train a poor diet.
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