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Is Your Psychology With Food Holding You Back?

Is Your Psychology With Food Holding You Back?


If you want to take your health, wellness, and body goals to the next level, you can increase your probability of success by 5000% with meal prep!

Whether you use a company like Nutrition Solutions to do the work for you, or you understand nutrition and have the time to commit a couple of days a week to meal prepping on your own…

The gap between where you are now and where you want to be can be effectively, immediately bridged through meal prep.

So why don’t more people do it!?

Well, psychologically, because of how we grew up eating, it can initially feel “intuitively off” or even a little weird meal prepping or using a meal prep company, having meals prepared ahead of time for the week and getting a week of food overnight shipped in the mail!

Additionally, when you’re just starting out on your journey, it can be overwhelming when you don’t really know what to eat or how to eat it…

Changing your health & body starts with changing your mindset.

To get somewhere you’ve never been, you have to do things you’ve never done.

This is true with anything in life, especially your diet.

But what’s the best diet out there!?

The short answer: one that’s easy to follow and doesn’t feel like a diet at all because you’re able to enjoy healthy foods that taste amazing!

Results will only come through consistency – so think about it…

Are you more or less likely to stay consistent with something if you actually like doing it!?

Obviously, this is a no-brainer, yet many still fail with their diet because they unsuccessfully attempt to cook & live off of mass batches of bland chicken, rice, and veggies!

This is one of the many huge advantages of using a healthy meal delivery service like Nutrition Solutions to do all the work for you…

One of the questions my team at Nutrition Solutions is asked most by people who are looking to start eating better so they can step things up with their health & fitness goals is, “How do I know which meal plan is best for me?”

…such a great question!

And the answer is always, it depends!

It depends on your lifestyle, goals, and the obvious question, if you plan on doing any meal prep or eating out on your own.

In most cases, our team of certified NASM Fitness & Nutrition Specialists will recommend new clients start with our 6 or 7 Day Fat Loss & Wellness Meal Plan with breakfast. (I’ll share why later)

A lot of times people will overthink when it comes to change of any kind, sometimes to the point of never taking the action they know they need to improve their life!

Overthinking is a by-product of uncertainty…

Uncertainty creates stress.

…and stress really sucks!

Not only does stress suck, the cortisol your body releases, when stressed, will actually cause you to gain weight, (fat) in addition to the fact that cortisol wreaks havoc on your immune system.

It’s normal to feel uncertain when you’re doing something new.

I started Nutrition Solutions almost a decade ago because eating healthy was super stressful for me.

I didn’t know how to cook…

I didn’t have time to cook…

And back then, I didn’t really understand nutrition, macros, and the proper way to fuel my body with the healthy foods needed to look, feel and function my best.

It’s kind of paradoxical…

Because in the midst of all the over-thinking people sometimes do when trying to figure out the best healthy meal plan to use to help them reach their health, wellness and fat loss goals, they forget that one of the primary benefits of using a meal delivery service like Nutrition Solutions is that you don’t have to think!

When you’re part of the Nutrition Solutions family, there’s no cooking, guessing, weighing out confusing portion sizes or energy spent trying to figure out what to eat…

We provide you with the best high-protein meal plans available! Our menus are made using high-quality ingredients that tell a story of quality, health, and optimal human performance.

When it comes to what we put in our body, QUALITY MATTERS!

This is why our healthy meal prep options include organic produce and clean, humanely raised proteins such as grass-fed beef and antibiotic/hormone-free poultry.

To help our clients expedite the process of reaching their goals, we also offer resources like workout programs, fat loss supplement guides, and outline how often to eat, as well as some other helpful insights to maximize results when using Nutrition Solutions.

Earlier I mentioned that we always suggest new clients who are just starting out on their journey opt with our 6 or 7-day fat loss & wellness plan with breakfast.

Here’s why…

These high protein, low carb meal plans offer the most variety each week.

You save time and energy that you can spend doing other things like spending time with family & friends, focusing on your career, or killing it in the gym!

Our plans with breakfast are less expensive than our plans without breakfast.
(Both plans have the same total number of meals, our breakfast items which are made with organic ingredients just cost less than the regular entrees)

And by COMMITTING to 6 or 7 full days of healthy, clean eating, you leave minimal room for cheating on the weekends or blowing your hard-earned money on foods that move you further from your goals instead of closer to!

Some people will naturally be drawn to the 5-day plan, which is great if you have the time, knowledge & discipline to meal prep or eat well out at a restaurant on the 2 days a week that you won’t have healthy food at your fingertips.

Unfortunately, most people don’t have the time for shopping, the prep work & cooking that goes into healthy meal prep and end up reaching for the nearest fast food place or take out when they get hungry. (Which doesn’t end well)

Occasionally we hear from people using our 5-day program who admit they are a little frustrated that they’re not getting results fast enough.

When our Client Success Team who support our clients every step of the way digs a little deeper, they’ll often learn that on the weekends they had been pretty much eating whatever they want because they don’t have any meals available.

So we want to be mindful of that and just have a plan because although you may not think weekends count, your body definitely does! 🙂

“Weekends” constitute roughly 30% of your weeks, months, years, and life.

So if you’re not consistent with your diet approx 1/3 of the time you’re on this planet, it’s going to be very difficult (impossible) to reach your goals.

We’ve helped 75,000+ people get in the best shape of their life is by providing the tools they need to DOMINATE THEIR GOALS in the least underwhelming way possible!

If you’re ready to start living a healthier lifestyle and could use a little support making it happen, click here, and together we will make it happen!

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