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BREAKING NEWS: Weekends Count!

BREAKING NEWS: Weekends Count!

Nobody has ever looked back on their life to proudly reminisce about all the weekends they slept all day, skipped the gym, or ate sh*tty food in record amounts, while binge watching reruns on their favorite streaming service.

…there’s always gonna be people out there who tell you that’s it’s ok to just relax, disconnect and try to sell you on the idea that you need “balance” in your life, so you should just “let loose” on the weekend.

But if you were to take inventory, you would notice the people quick to give that kind of advice are typically those who haven’t actually ever won at anything.

So unless you’re listening to them share what they do so you don’t make the same mistakes they are, or, so you can purposefully do the opposite…

It’s probably best that you take that type of advice with a grain of salt.

Besides, if you’re not where you want to be and are actually serious about fixing it, you’re going to have to sacrifice relaxation and comfort for a little while.

If you were to ask any high achiever, they’ll tell you, there’s no such thing as a work/life balance.

Balance is created in your mind through consistency and an empowering perspective.

Enjoying your life shouldn’t be something reserved only for the weekend.

Just like working out, eating healthy, or working on improving yourself shouldn’t be things that are exclusive to weekdays…

The behaviors, disciplines & action steps that are health, nutrition & fitness goals require need to become part of who we are at our core.

Not something we do Monday-Friday, part-time, when it’s convenient, or once everything else is completed.

I’m sharing this with you today because I genuinely want to see you win, get in better shape than you ever thought possible, and experience the very best of what this life has to offer!

And I know that’s what you want as well.

Unfortunately, I see so many people making the same critical mistake when it comes to the pursuit of their goals and failing to realize the real underlying issue.

Which 95% of the time is a lack of consistency.

Especially on the weekends…

Weekends count.

And not only is it possible, but actually very common, to see people who on their weight loss journey completely offset the progress they made on their goals Monday-Friday, by making “poor choices” on the weekends with their diet.

Whether it’s skipping the gym, not following their healthy meal plan, drinking too much alcohol, and whatever else, spending way too much money in the process no doubt.

This vicious cycle is holding a lot of good, hard-working people back from getting where they want to be.

Weekends constitute about 30% of your life…

Think about it – if you’re not prioritizing healthy eating, sticking to your diet, and getting in your workouts 30% of the time, do you really think it will be feasible to get the results you want?

Consistency is the rarest of all human qualities and the most powerful as it relates to success with our health & fitness goals.

We have an opportunity to Lead by Example through our actions and inspire others to recognize the uncomfortable truth – which is WEEKENDS COUNT!

I’m going to just leave you with this…

Your goals don’t acknowledge weekends.

Your goals only acknowledge consistency.

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