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How Not to Gain Weight This Holiday Season, Checklist

How Not to Gain Weight This Holiday Season, Checklist

While the holidays should be filled with celebrations, relaxation, and fun with loved ones, it’s certainly NOT an excuse to totally derail your goals and the healthy lifestyle you’ve worked so hard on during 2016!

If holiday weight gain has historically been an issue for you, then you will greatly benefit from this “How Not to Gain Weight This Holiday Season, Checklist”.

Use these tools to minimize weight gain this holiday period…

1. Maintain Your Workout Regime   ✔

Don’t be “that guy” who blames family events and parties with friends as a reason to skip your workouts and get fat. Your friends and family wouldn’t appreciate that. 😉

Even skipping a few workouts will hurt your metabolism, because not only are you working out less, you’re eating more!! This will cause food to store as fat , also cause your body to burn less per day leading to unwanted weight gain. Even if you’re pressed for time , 60-90 minute aim for a happy medium from your exhausting routine and maybe go for a walk/run, do 20-30 minutes of no rest, higher intensity circuit training, or follow along any of the thousands of free at home workout videos ok YouTube.

2. Balance Your Calories   ✔

I’m not suggesting you track everything like some obsessive-compulsive fitness competitor, but even mentally taking note of your calorie intake for the day can help you keep you on track. For example, if you intend on attending a holiday party where there will be lots of food present later in the day, and historically have lacked will power in buffet style capacities, try and go lighter on the calories earlier in the day. Or vice versa. At the end of the day, remember calories in vs calories out is the sole and determining factor when it comes to weight gain.

3. Attack Your Treats Strategically   ✔

While festive periods are certainly a great time to relax and moderately indulge, keep in mind the fact your body doesn’t give you an eat like crap and get out of jail free card simply because it’s the holiday season. . If you’ll be eating out more often than not during this period, load your plate up with TWICE the amount of greens as you normally would, more protein, an consciously make yourself drink more water than typically would prior to engaging the dessert table! I know it may seem like a bit much, but you will feel so proud and accomplished if you do!

4. Indulge in moderation   ✔

Although it’s pure commonsen­­­­se, most people ­­­­­who are restrictive with their diet cannot find a happy medium over the holiday period. As soon as one piece of chocolate or ice cream hits the tongue, the whole box or tub will be consumed in record time.

Set a goal to be sensible and moderate your pigging out this year; if you do have some chocolate or deserts, accept that this is ok, treat it as a one-off that will not wreck your physique, and resume your healthy meal plan with the next meal. This is a far more productive mindset and is far healthier than thinking that once you’ve downed a few pieces of pie that you’ve now failed your diet, and may as well eat anything you see with sugar in it till after the New Year!

5. Find Healthy Treats you Love  ✔

Just because everyone is overeating and binging on ‘bad food’ during the holidays doesn’t mean you must conform. Instead, pick some moderately healthy snacks that will satisfy the sweetest of sweet tooths, but not cause an abrupt 3-5 pounds added on the scale reading. Pick up some foods that are “classed” as a sweet, but are not terrible for you. For example, rather than going with the 1000 calorie per slice dessert, try something like a Quest Bar, Peanut Butter, or if you’re a client of Nutrition Solutions, order some extra Clean Cheatz, fresh baked protein bars, or protein pancakes!

Even if you had 2 of these, you would come out at around 400-500 calories below, and 40+ grams of protein any cakes, cookies, or pie!

Take Home Message  ✔

Try to maintain your healthy lifestyle throughout the holiday period, and since you know you’ll probably be eating a bit more, hit the gym or exercise every day.

If you’ll be dining out, attending family events, or hosting holiday parties, stay on point with your existing meal prep whether you prepare meals for the week on a Sunday at home, or use a meal prep service to do the work for you!

Your waist line will be super happy you did!!

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Author: Rudy Mawer, MS

International Celebrity Trainer, Sports Scientist


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