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Sauerkraut – A Superfood You’ve Never Heard of?

Sauerkraut – A Superfood You’ve Never Heard of?

Sauerkraut is a fermented form of cabbage which has been consumed for centuries around the world and is accepted as a disease-fighting food. The unique properties and benefits of Sauerkraut arise due to its fermentation process – an ancient technique used to preserve foods naturally without using chemicals.

It shares similar properties to cultured foods such as yogurt and kefir, which are high in healthy gut bacteria called probiotics and can help fight disease, drop body fat and improve many other aspects of health. The fermentation process alters the biological makeup of our foods; for example, by converting carbohydrates into alcohols or organic acids, which require yeast and/or bacteria. It is this process that then converts broken-down carbs (known as glucose) into strains of healthy gut bacteria, which improve our gut microbiome.

Health Benefits of Sauerkraut and Probiotics
Because Sauerkraut is packed full of probiotics its benefits are widespread and affect many areas around the body and within our cells. In fact, our body is made up of 90% bacteria, so, simply improving our gut bacteria with healthy probiotics is going to have a profound effect on everything we do.
For most people in modern day life, their natural gut bacteria is unhealthy and damaged, mainly due to a lifetime of bad food which promotes the buildup of unhealthy bacteria which, simultaneously, damages our healthy­­­ gut bacteria. However, after eating Sauerkraut the healthy bacteria gets to work lining the intestinal walls, your key line of defense for fighting illness and disease.
In fact, many researchers have identified your gut bacteria as the central hub to disease, including most autoimmune diseases and even metabolic disease such as diabetes and obesity.
Based on hundreds of research studies, the healthy probiotics and fermented fiber found in Sauerkraut can impact the following areas of health and disease:

  • Improved digestion and gut issues like leaky gut syndrome.
  • Improved immune system health,
  • Reduced inflammation,
  • Reduced intolerances to food,
  • Protection of the brain and cognitive decline as we age,
  • Reduced stress and cortisol,
  • Boosts fat loss reduces hunger and improves satiety,
  • Boosts cancer-fighting antioxidants because of the sulfur based compounds.
  • Can counter hormonal imbalances,
  • Fights metabolic conditions such as obesity and diabetes,
  • Addresses autoimmune diseases such as arthritis.
  • Successful application to mood disorders such as depression.

Sauerkraut Nutritional Info
As well as being super healthy for your body, Sauerkraut is extremely low in calories and can aid in weight loss.
Here’s the nutrition content per 1 cup:

  • 6 calories,
  • 14g total carbs (only 6 net),
  • 8g fiber,
  • 2g sugar,
  • 0g fat,
  • 1g protein
  • 35% daily Vitamin C,
  • 22% daily Vitamin K,
  • 12% daily Iron,
  • smaller amounts of manganese, vitamin b6, folate.

As you can see, it’s very low in calories but high in fiber which gives it a high food volume, key for weight loss.

How to Obtain Probiotics & Sauerkraut
Sauerkraut is fairly easy and cheap to prepare; however, the fermentation can take some time. To prepare, you need the following ingredients;

  • Shredded cabbage
  • 1-2 tablespoons sea salt or pickling salt
  • 1 tablespoon caraway seeds

To prepare, simply blend then store in a contain with the cabbage being completely covered by water. Check it every couple of days removing any build up on the surface and leave for at least 4 weeks (it can last few several months).
Along with Sauerkraut, you can find probiotics in other foods such as yogurt and superfoods we use in our meals at Nutrition Solutions.

Try adding probiotics foods or supplements into your regimen and see how it benefits your health and physique, especially if you struggle with regular stomach or digestive issues!

Author: Rudy Mawer, MS
International Celebrity Trainer, Sports Scientist


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