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Grab Stress By The Balls!

Grab Stress By The Balls!

*WARNING* – the following contains information that will tell you how to fix something impacting 70% of the population, which if left unaddressed, WILL DESTROY PROGRESS & KILL RESULTS!

Please stop reading right now if that’s not anything you’re concerned with!!

Your adrenal gland produces and secretes a hormone called Cortisol- and as far as you’re concerned cortisol is the enemy as it relates to your health and bodies ability to lose fat!

Cortisol can be extremely detrimental to individuals who take their fitness seriously due to the fact it eats up muscle and makes your body store and holds on to fat.

However, this is only really true if your cortisol levels are not within a healthy range…

You do need cortisol to function, but you do *NOT* want chronic elevation of this stress hormone over a long period of time, as it will make you stressed, fat and sick as hell!!

Experts estimate well over 75% of U.S. citizens produce too much cortisol because of stress, which is not entirely surprising as scientist and teacher Dr. Joe Dispenza reports that 70% of the population will live their entire lives living in “survival mode” and in stress.

Do you think that’s in any way related to the approximate 75% of the adult population in the U.S. falling under the category of overweight or obese? Of course, it is…

Cortisol thrives off the cholesterol in your body which you need to produce testosterone, which is the hormone that makes you lean, muscular and full of energy. The Leydig cells in your body are left without enough of the right cholesterol to produce testosterone, creating an avalanche of problems for your progress and health!!

Cortisol production goes crazy when you’re stressed, as it is there to help alert you that something isn’t right!

The problem is, this usually causes people to seek comfort (this is natural) to mitigate the stress; and how do we usually do that?

  • We eat like sh*t
  • We lay on the couch scrolling thru social media pretending our problems don’t exist.
  • “Netflix and chill”.

None of which fixes the underlying cause of the stress and by not taking action to fix a problem in your life, you only intensify the stress you feel & cortisol you produce.

Part of this is being mentally strong enough to identify and immediately confront the problem causing the stress, but of course, it’s much easier to order a pizza or down a 1/2 gallon of ice cream then to do that!

Throughout my trials and tribulations, I’ve discovered most of life’s problems are resolved on the other end of an uncomfortable conversation. But if you think that your problems or stressors are just going to magically go away or resolve themselves, please think again.

Cortisol can also lead to issues with your blood pressure, so it’s important to take note if/when you notice yourself living in a constant state of stress over the long term…

So how do we fix this problem that has taken over in our society?

As someone who’s been to hell and back, multiple times, I know a thing or two about living with extreme, near paralyzing stress. Over time where I’ve had more ups and downs than I care to discuss, I’ve found and accepted it’s normal to experience stress, but it’s unacceptable to do nothing to fix it.

The way you get rid of stress and lower your cortisol levels comes down to one simple thing…

Taking action!

Through a combination of self-improvement, trial and error and old fashioned discipline, I’ve discovered how to manage cortisol and stress for the better.

Identify what’s causing you stress or if it’s multiple things, decide which is causing the most. Then work it out by confronting the issue head-on and with no mercy! It may take a while to fully rectify the situation, but you have my word you will feel better immediately because you’re taking action, which represents progress.

So that’s what you should do, here’s what not to do…

Don’t keep surrounding yourself with the people, relationships or situations that cause you the stress! Walk away from everything and everyone that makes you feel like sh*t!

Don’t keep doing the same things over and over again and expect a different result! That’s more stressful than anything and you see people do that all the time…

Also, make sure to SLEEP properly – let your body naturally shut down an hour before bed with no phone, tablet or TV to avoid blue light which screws up your bodies ability to produce melatonin, which will make it hard to fall asleep despite you being exhausted. Leave your phone in another room altogether.

Sleep is a great cortisol management system and by following the simple steps above, you can improve on the quality of yours…

It would probably be insulting at this point to mention the fact that a good diet and exercise impact cortisol levels as well as 109,841 other things about your life in a positive way, but it does. 😉

Thank you for reading and for the continued support you’ve given our company.

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