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Eating 💩 To Help Manage Stress: The Anti-Anti Depressant

Eating 💩 To Help Manage Stress: The Anti-Anti Depressant

In a recent interview, I was asked why so many people tend to resort to eating like 💩 when they’re stressed, sad or depressed. ⠀
This natural human desire is probably the sickest, most self-sabotaging trick the mind can play on us when we’re not feeling “well” or quite like ourselves.

We tend to give in to these urges and would like to think surely our inner voices would never lead us in a direction that would hurt us or compound the already sensitive issue at hand, or would they?

I have it on good authority that since the inception of mankind, there hasn’t been a single case where a stressed out individual who sought out comfort by eating a bunch of sh*t food, was actually successful in rectifying the underlying issue by going this route.

In fact, when this path is taken, outside of the 5-15 minutes of when the binging occurs, “comfort” is typically the opposite of what materializes.

There is nothing comfortable about being overly full, bloated, gassy, disgusted and in a state of regret as the dust settles and you now realize that on top of the initial stressor, you’re now that much further from your goals and have further conditioned yourself to perform an extremely dangerous, profoundly counter-intuitive habit of how you “manage stress”.

Please keep that in mind next time you pick up the phone to order pizza or stop by the local Krispy Kreme next time you get stressed out. Remind yourself that when you lean on bad food (that taste so good) to help cure sadness & feel better, literally and metaphorically speaking, you’re “feeding” the underlying problem and only making your situation far worse.

Instead of eating your feelings anytime weakness begins to whisper in your ear you should…

• Go workout!

Even if it’s doing a sh*t load of burpees, push ups & sit ups right where you stand!

• Meditate

Sitting down in an upright, yet comfortable position, close your eyes and clear your mind for 10 minutes. Clear your mind by focusing on your deep breaths. When you find your mind has wandered, just be aware of it and reel it back in. This will immediately drop your levels of stress! We will discuss the benefits of meditation in detail in a future article.

• Have sex!

Either with a partner or yourself! 🙂 The University of Arizona conducted a study that concluded that sexual behavior significantly lowered stress levels and boosted overall mood in its subjects!

Do one or do them all! Just do!!!

***I don’t recommend sex at the gym, however, as that may land you in some trouble and potentially distract you from getting a good workout in!

But please, stop using food as an antidepressant, because the reality is it’s actually the anti-anti depressant!

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