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Thanksgiving: What It Really Means

Thanksgiving: What It Really Means

Let’s collectively take a moment to remember and fully understand what Thanksgiving is actually about; the word in itself is comprised of 2 other words commonly used in the English language.


  1. To present voluntarily and without expecting compensation, bestow.
  2. To hand to someone.


  1. Kindly or grateful thoughts: gratitude.
  2. An expression of gratitude

Notice neither definition mentions anything about an eating contest, being stressed out in preparation for a family get together, drinking a copious amount of alcohol and showing your ass to friends and family, or stuffing your face till you can’t move and subsequently falling asleep immediately after as a direct result.

Now I’m not saying not to do any of these things; after all you are a responsible and intelligent adult demonstrated by the fact you bothered to read this, which suggests you’re capable of making informed choices!  For that I salute you.  What I am suggesting and strongly encourage is for you to take the time to do a few simple things that will not only better your day, but also potentially change your life.

Show Someone Important How Much You Care!

Not all of us are in the position financially to throw cash around like Floyd Mayweather in a Las Vegas strip club, but the fact is and shall remain the most thoughtful and heart felt things in life are actually selfless acts of kindness, and gifts that typically don’t cost very much other than a little bit of time and creativity.  Maybe assemble a picture collage of some of your favorite memories with this person or give them a homemade card with a homemade coupon, good for a dinner of their choice, a massage, or a complimentary, one time closet organizing!  Whatever you come up with really put your heart into it…


 Give Back!

Right now there are people who are praying for all the things you take for granted.  If you want to feel more accomplished, mentally gratified, and fulfilled than you ever have in your entire life, I highly recommend volunteering just a couple hours of your time to any of the miscellaneous organizations in your city that host food drives or provide hot meals to the less fortunate within the community.  ****Don’t know how where to go or how to find out where these deals are going down?  A simple Google search will remedy that issue.  I.e. Volunteer Opportunities Tampa/Jacksonville/Orlando/Miami etc.  ☺

Contact Someone(s) You’ve Fallen Out of Touch With and Let Them Know You ‘re Thinking About Them.

Life happens.  Sometimes distance grows in between us due to unforeseeable circumstances, or a minor disagreement becomes something much bigger due to foolish pride.  Whatever the case may be, if there is someone in your life who you haven’t spoken to in a while for one reason or another, and you’re uncertain to whether should you pick up the phone or not, ask yourself how you would feel if tomorrow you found out that person was no longer with us.  Act accordingly.

Do Something Kind For Someone You’ve Never Met.

Everyday life blesses us with no shortage of opportunities to pay it forward and experience fulfillment at the highest level.  Whether you pay a stranger a simple compliment, hold the door open an extra few second for the person behind you, or pick up someone’s mocha latte at Starbucks, just ensure to mandatorily incorporate this into your day and as a mainstay of your daily routine going forward.   Do it once and you’ll be hooked, promise.

Take a Moment and Share with Your Friends and Family Everything You Are Truly Grateful For.

Social media, over the phone, in person, or at the dinner table; you have no shortage of platforms to share everything in your life that you’re fortunate enough to have.  Doing this will remind you how blessed you are, and will also give others unique perspective on their own blessings.
 I mentioned at the beginning that these things could potentially change your life; what I neglected to mention is that it will also change the lives of all those directly involved as well.  You can begin “Giving” right now by paying it forward and sharing this guide with your friends, family members, and co-workers, by forwarding via email or sharing it on Facebook.   Let’s make this Thanksgiving an unforgettable one.

Much Love and Gratitude to You and Yours,


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