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Right now the small wins matter…


Right now the small wins matter…

In times of uncertainty, hardship and chaos, momentum is of the utmost importance.

Winning matters. And in life, one thing is for sure;

Without all the small wins, the big one will never happen.

Right now, it’s no secret that life is a little different than what we’re all used to, which is why it’s the perfect time to take control of it, level up your mindset and rack up as many small wins as possible.

What are some simple, effective ways how you can do that?

– Wake up immediately when your alarm goes off and attack the day, instead of hitting the snooze button until the last possible second

– Go workout instead of sleeping in or laying on the couch.

– Eat clean and make healthy choices over the holidays when you’re surrounded by food when it would be very easy not to.

– Read a book instead of wasting so much time on social media and watching Netflix.- Expand your mind & lower your stress levels with meditation or breath work…Rather than destroy your mind & 10x stress by watching the news.

– Through your attitude, effort and actions, be a beacon of positivity amidst a world of division, fear, rage & uncertainty.

The world has changed and now it’s us who needs to. Right now a lot of us are stuck in our homes, restricted from our normal routine and with the election tomorrow, things could potentially get a little (more) crazy for a while, depending on what happens…

We can’t allow ourselves to get sucked into the vortex of negativity, as it does nothing but slow us down from accomplishing our goals.

Winners focus on winning and the work that’s needed to drive results, regardless of the political climate or obstacles that stand in their way.

So this week let’s get aggressive…

Let’s stay on offense and seek out as many small victories as possible because this pursuit builds confidence, self-belief and keeps motivation high.

Acknowledge the small opportunities to win in your daily life a little better. Don’t just acknowledge them, DOMINATE them!

It is after all the small wins that hold the key to your eventual big breakthrough.

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