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Do You Sabotage Your Own Goals?

Do You Sabotage Your Own Goals?

So do you, honestly? Now before you say, “of course not, why would I do something so F’N stupid?” do me the favor and hear me out. So naturally when setting goals we all begin with the very best of intentions. Whether we want to lose some unwanted and highly unattractive body fat for a vacation, or to impress a loved one or secret crush, or if we aspire to get in better shape to experience the increased levels of confidence and personal fulfillment associated with being fit, the undeniable common denominator between us is, We All Want To Look Better Naked for one reason or another! The obligatory fire is lit under our ass, and at this point nothing can stop us from getting there!!! And then what happens? (CRICKETS CHIRPING)
Making a decision to start unfortunately just is not enough! The key to achieving the body you’ve always dreamed of, just like anything in life worth accomplishing, is consistency! I’ve had the privilege of working with thousands of people from all different walks of life. Nutrition Solutions has served top professional athletes all the way to diabetics who were 200+ pounds overweight. So needless to say, I have seen and heard every possible story and excuse about why someone has not made their fitness goals a priority in their life. The most common “story” you come across in this industry is…Drumroll please….


And who really does? But at days end, you have to clearly identify what YOU value. Do you value your health? What about walking around looking sexy as hell all the time? Do you deem having more energy when spending time with family, friends, and loved ones as important? What about making more money?
A study done by the Journal of Labor Research concluded that people that are mindful of the foods they eat, and exercise a minimum 3 days a week, actually make on average 10% more then their lazier counter parts. Now I know those of you reading are intelligent enough to know (You are after all subscribed to this blog) that you don’t need research studies to understand exercise and healthy eating is good for you, but showing that being fit is actually linked to higher paychecks I do believe is a separate issue entirely.
Back to CONSISTENCY! Are you consistent with living the Nutrition Solutions Lifestyle? Or are you unconsciously sabotaging the goals that you yourself set? Ask yourself the following:

  • Do I treat food as a source of fuel to help move me closer to my goals, or
  • Do I sometime, or often times treat the foods I eat as a reward? (Like a dog)
  • Do I take proactive strides everyday to achieving my goals?
  • Do I eat clean on a consistent basis? Or yo-yo diet (come on and off) and get frustrated when I don’t get the results I want?
  • And finally…Ask yourself this and when doing so be as honest as possible: Do I really want to accomplish the goals I set, or do I find I often set goals, put forth the initial effort, and typically end up slacking, deviating from, or quitting all together when I don’t experience immediate results?

Remember, you didn’t gain all your extra weight over night, so you can’t expect to lose it that quickly either. Consistent practice will manifest extraordinary results. You and only you have to make the choice to commit. Think about something that happened to you 3 months ago. 3 months is not a long time. But did you know you could completely transform your body in 3 months? It may seem like a stretch, but I have had the privilege of witnessing it first hand more times than I can recall, both with Nutrition Solutions clients, and with other friends, acquaintances, and others that I’ve coached that took the initiative to meal prep on their own. And it’s not just the body that changes; their quality of life is also improved upon immeasurably.With all that said, I want each and every one of you to not only reach, but shatter the goals you have and look better than you ever thought possible! Not to sound pompous or arrogant, but I will tell you there is not many things that can out do the feeling you get walking in a room or on the beach, (singing “I’m to Sexy” in my mind) turning heads and having everyone look in awe at the inspiring physique you’ve put in the work for. But you have to always remember in the game of life you get out of it what you put in. Hard work, dedication, and consistency will serve as the catalyst to create positive, lasting change with both your body and your life. But when you ½ ass things, come off the diet one week, get back on the next, or supplement your diet with pizza, cookies and other assorted bakery items, please don’t expect to achieve anything other than a gut, love handles, and fat ass.

The ball is and shall remain in your court my friends.

Please feel free to comment with any questions, feedback, or there is something I can do to help you get on the fast track to the new and improved you!
Authors Note:  If you struggle with cravings with any or all of the above mentioned foods, and are looking for some motivation to get them under control, I strongly recommend that next time you try eating them in front of a mirror…naked…May I get you another slice or cookie? 🙂 Subscribe to our email list!

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