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Drop 2-3 Pounds in 36 Hours!

Drop 2-3 Pounds in 36 Hours!

Hopefully now I have your attention! First off, let me point out this isn’t about some BS fad, gimmick, or unhealthy water manipulation trick. Secondly, I’m NOT trying to sell anything here, so you can confidently read on with the piece of mind that nobody is trying to jam a sub par, pyramid scheme-ish product or service down your throat, and more over, the info within is something I not only advocate, but personally practice on a regular basis.

The headline says it all, however I am guilty of misleading you slightly. I apologize. The fact is I personally managed to drop 3 pounds in 36 hours, but I’m a poor example for reasons I will list momentarily. The reality is YOU CAN LOSE 2-4 TIMES WHAT I DID in the exact same time frame!!!! And even more subsuquently after the fact. The secret; well there is no secret. But by taking a simple easy to procure DETOX supplement, you will not only drop weight quick, but see a flatter stomach, reduced waist line, and speed up your metabolism and boost your immune system all simultaneously.

Back to why I’m a POOR EXAMPLE of typical results; You see, I eat clean the majority of the time, avoiding fast foods, excess sodium, and sugar. I also weight train and do cardio on a consistent basis. I’m not only the C.E.O. of Nutrition Solutions, but I’m also a client. (Hair club for men reference LOL) Additionally, I take supplements to improve the digestion process, and eat a lot of veggies which provide me fiber that also aid in digestion, and promotes bowel regularity. The fact is the majority don’t do most, if not any of these things routinely, so far superior results than what I achieved can be expected.

Everyone needs to DETOX! Over time our bodies build up toxins, waste, plaque and mucus in our gastro intestinal tracts as a result of the not so stellar things we are all guilty of putting in our mouths from time to time. (Or for some of us on a regular basis) Right now, whether you believe it or not, you are walking around with 4-20 pounds of toxic, fecal plaque build up, (A sh*t load of sh*t for lack of a better term) in your intestinal and digestive tracts. Not to mention dangerous chemicals lingering within from certain processed foods consumed.
I starred utilizing a detox system of which I will cite by name at the end of this article during contest prep. As a result of an abrupt shift in my meal plan, I became constipated from switching to a low carb diet. The detox not only rectified this, but gave me, someone who is a practitioner and enthusiast of a healthy lifestyle, incredible perspective on just how important it is to Detox regularly. After just 2 days I was down 3 pounds, my stomach was flatter, and the definition in my obliques and abs was much more noticeable. (So cool!) After 7 days I felt much better, energy was up, my waist line was smaller, and even more definition in my obliques, abs, and lower back! Not to mention a 5 pound reduction in body weight. Not to shabby.

So do your body a kindness and DETOX! Remember, there is no upside for me to turn you on to this technique, other than I selflessly want to see you look, feel, and perform better across the board! So give it a try and please let me know how it works out!

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