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Cold Showers: Why You Should be Taking Them

Cold Showers: Why You Should be Taking Them

Cold showers have been a staple in my peak performance/wellness arsenal every day for the last 5+ years.

I can honestly tell you that it’s made a significant positive impact on my life for several different reasons…

So, I realize society has conditioned us to believe that for the most part, “cold” or “hot” is bad – and is, therefore, to be avoided at all costs.

This ideology is not only a false narrative, but the purposeful avoidance of discomfort as a whole part is a significant contributor to why such a large portion of modern society has become so soft, weak and fragile.

Nonetheless, cold water immersion has extraordinary benefits for both your body and mind…

Here are a few of them…

Reduced Stress Levels

Regularly taking cold showers puts a small amount of stress on your body. This leads to a process known as “hardening”. Hardening conditions your nervous system to get used to handling moderate levels of stress. This process helps you better manage, handle & navigate stress.

Improved Circulation

Over time, cold water exposure improves circulation in the body. Since exposure to cold causes your blood flow to be redirected to vital organs, your body is forced to circulate your blood more efficiently. This will allow its internal processes to perform more efficiently, which leads to optimal levels of human performance.

Supports Weight Loss

Circulation plays a big role in metabolic health. Better circulation in the body can assist and accelerate the weight loss process when paired with a healthy meal plan where a calorie deficit is present.

Reduces Inflammation

One of the most compelling benefits of cold water immersion is the fact it lowers damaged tissue’s temperature & constricts blood vessels. This helps reduce swelling and inflammation in the body, as well as help rid toxins from your blood.

Energy Increase

Cold showers promote higher levels of energy because when the body is immersed in the cold, nerve endings in your skin stand up, your heart rate goes up & you’ll organically start breathing rapidly, as your body adjusts to this state of unfamiliarity.

This rapid shift in your physiologically provides a shot of natural energy second to none…

Stronger Immune System

Cold water immersion has been proven to speed up natural metabolic rates because it improves circulation & increases your respiratory rate, which activates your immune system to function optimally. Proper nutrition and cold water immersion is the ultimate immune enhancement combo!

Helps Build Discipline & Mental Toughness

Let’s be honest here – nobody is ever jumping for joy or overly excited to take a freezing cold shower, especially first thing In the morning when you’re not fully awake yet. And it’s for that exact reason we do it anyway!

Discipline is the Practice That Separates Winners From Average People…

And we can build discipline by consistently doing hard things even & especially when we don’t feel like it. Purposely doing something that sucks every single day such as taking a cold shower, will not just build discipline, but will also boost confidence and mental toughness as well!

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