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Burn Off A Medium Pizza With This 20 Min Workout!


Burn Off A Medium Pizza With This 20 Min Workout!

Our customers continue to provide some amazing feedback on the workout articles we some times send out, so we wanted to do a better job staying consistent with different workouts you guys can add into your routine to change things up, get better results and take you training the the next level…

We of course want to give you something valuable, outside the box and that’s going to challenge you, so I asked our CEO Chris Cavallini who lives outside the box, if he could share with me one of his favorite HIIT functional workouts that require no skill, to where anyone can perform and reap the massive benefits that come along with it!

This workout can be done twice per week, takes just 20 minutes each time and can burn an EXTRA 1,500 calories per week, abe same as an entire medium pizza!

That’s a lot for a meager 40 minutes work and does NOT account for the “afterburn” effect that highs intensity interval training (HIIT) provides, meaning the spike in metabolism & calorie burning over the next 24 hours following the workout, which can burn up to another 500 calories per week!

Functional Warrior Workout (No Skill Required)

Circuit 1 x 4 Rounds: Perform each exercise for :30 seconds, followed by :30 rest.

Plank with Alternating Knee Raises


Push Up or Press Up

Mountain Climbers

Total Work Time: 12 minutes

Circuit 2 x 3 Rounds: Perform each exercise for :20 seconds, followed by :20 secs rest

Jump Squats

Ball Slams

Plank with Alt Shoulder Tap

Total Work Time: 4 minutes 30 seconds

FINISHER: Rower Machine – 15 seconds sprint / 15 seconds rest. Repeat for 8 rounds

Total Work Time: 4 minutes

This workout will push you both mentally and physically, so go into it knowing it’s going to be hard! Which is exactly how we like it! Not only will this help you peal the body fat off, you are getting your entire workout done in 20 minutes, which saves you time to spend as you please!

Let me know how it goes!!

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