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The Best Fat Loss Food You Need In Your Diet!


The Best Fat Loss Food You Need In Your Diet!

Do you want to lose some weight or eliminate body fat from your stomach, sides, or lower back?

If that answer is yes, make sure to read this till the end…

By now you probably understand that eating 2-3 servings of vegetables every day is important for good overall health, but what most don’t know is that when it comes to fat loss, some veggies have the competitive edge over others due to their nutrient profile!

Broccoli, which is classified as a SUPERFOOD, is one of the best vegetables one can consume within their diet for weight loss!

But why?

Foods like broccoli that are low-calorie density are important components of a weight loss plan because they have few calories per actual gram of food. As a result, you can eat larger portions of these foods and feel fuller for longer, while restricting calories!

This is one of the primary reasons our team of Fitness Chefs frequently include broccoli when creating new menus for our customers…

Broccoli also provides the following additional health benefits as well:

  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Improved Digestion
  • Supports Healthy Brain Function
  • Slows the Signs of Aging

But from experience over the years I’ve learned that there’s a lot of people out there who don’t eat broccoli, and it’s typically for 1 of 2 reasons…

• They aren’t aware how of amazing it is for them.

• They’ve never had it prepared by proper Fitness Chefs and were left with a bad taste (literally & figuratively) and mental association with it.

Broccoli is a beast and has 3 components in it that are all linked to weight loss! I’m going to tell you what they are & how they can help you lose weight!

Vitamin C

Increases insulin sensitivity and boosts stamina during workout sessions. ***EASY WAY TO REMEMBER: the higher your insulin sensitivity, the better your body can effectively use blood glucose & reduce blood sugar.


Calcium provides small increases in thermogenesis which is our bodies core temperature. This can boost our metabolic rate which prompts our bodies to burn fat.


Plays a pivotal role in glucose metabolism!

All too often people search for that magic pill, quick-fix fad diet or “secret workout” plan that will give them the results they claim they want. Unfortunately, such things don’t exist.

The cool part though is the fact that everything we really need is right there in front of us, readily available,waiting for us to take advantage and experience the benefits!

And the more informed we are, the better armed for battle we shall remain. Thank you for taking the time here.

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