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95% Of Dieters FAIL-Here’s Why


95% Of Dieters FAIL-Here’s Why

Throughout the years I’ve worked with clients who have lost 300+ pounds in 18 months, 100 pounds in 7 months, 80 pounds in 3 months and thousands of others who didn’t have as much to lose, but in a modest time frame dropped 20-50 pounds of body fat or completely transformed their physiques!


What I’ve discovered separates those who get the results & keep the results, from those who give up on their goals or end up gaining all the weight back. It’s 1 simple thing…

Their Mindset

The mindset you have toward your health, diet, fitness goals and quality of life determines whether or not someone will stay consistent over the long term, which of course is the ONLY way to be SUCCESSFUL reaching our goals…


If they’ll be amongst the 95% that end up quitting and going back to square 1.

We have to understand that the foods we eat are an INVESTMENT!


The foods we put into our body need to be viewed as an investment in our health, confidence, self-esteem & quality of life!

And the items that we CHOOSE to invest & spend our hard earned money on will ultimately do 1 or 2 things...

1. Make us healthier, move us closer to our goals and allow us to live our best life!

2. Make us less healthy, move us further away from our goals and cause deep rooted feelings of unhappiness.

This investment is one we simply cannot afford to NOT make…

As by doing so, the end result will be:

– Overweight/Obesity

– Obesity Related illness Like Diabetes, Heart Disease

– Low Energy

– Low Sex Drive

– Poor Memory & Ability to Focus

– Low Confidence

– Poor Self Esteem

– Depression

When we say things like “I can’t afford to eat healthy”, what we are really saying is we don’t respect ourselves enough to make our health a priority.

If you really think about it, isn’t it kind of crazy to think that Americans spend $200 BIlLLION ANNUALLY on fast food that we objectively know makes us fat, sick, depressed and overall just feel like sh*t after the fact!?

Obviously you understand the importance of putting the right foods in your body, which is why you’re reading this message.

I just wanted to share this information with you today to give you some perspective on this topic as it’s clearly a huge problem in today’s society with the obesity epidemic continuing to spiral more & more out of control.

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