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I Really Pi$$ed This Guy Off!


I Really Pi$$ed This Guy Off!

I wanted to tell you a quick story about someone who recently got really upset with me when I was out with my son!

Our CEO Chris Cavallini, just took a last minute trip to the Bahamas for a much needed vacation and to work on what will be his first book!!

He blew my mind as soon as he landed in the Bahamas when he told me, actually insisted is more accurate, to pick up his beloved 1 of 1 custom built, Lamborghini Aventador ,and take my son out for a ride in it!

Honestly, my son loves sports cars and I can’t even tell you how pumped up I was about this!

That night we went for a drive and stopped at the shore to pick up a few things…Honestly, we were probably just looking for opportunities to open and close those badass Lambo doors!! Haha

When we returned to the car, a middle aged gentleman, who full transparency, was probably 30 pounds overweight, happened to be walking by with, what looked to be his 12-13 year old son who sadly, was also overweight for his age/size.

After looking at the car, the man briefly glanced up at me and in a bitter, resentful tone, muttered the words, “must be nice”, as he told his son to “hurry up & come on” ,since his son had stopped to take a look and wearing a huge smile on his face…

My son Jayden then did something that made me more proud of him than I can ever remember being…

He asked the other boy if he wanted to take a picture with the car! The other kid instantly lit up with joy as his dad, clearly annoyed, sat from a distance impatiently waiting for what was probably a super awkward situation for him at this point to be over!

Clearly this guy saw something in the car and myself that stirred up feelings of resentment, hostility and frustration – most likely because something about that situation from his perspective reminded him of some goal he once had , that he made the decision to give up on for one reason or another – leaving him bitter and angry not just toward others that he may perceive have something he’s lacking…but with himself for giving up on his dreams.

This is a huge issue with society that we see often.

People having bad attitudes and ill will when they see others making progress or accomplishing success in some way shape or form…

Having that kind of attitude and resentment gets you a one way ticket to nowhere – and makes life absolutely miserable!

His son on the other hand had exactly the right kind of attitude!

You see, if there is something that you really, really want, whether it’s to accomplish a certain fitness goal, promotion at work or material item like a car, but you haven’t been doing what is needed long enough yet to make it happen, being happy for other people who have done what it is you’re trying to do , is EXACTLY what want to do in the situation!

Be super happy, grateful and legit pumped up for them! Regardless if you know them or not…

This activates the Law of Attraction and sends positive vibrations out into the Universe about that very thing, which the Universe then transmits back your way!

I know that sounds corny if you’re not familiar with neuroscience in the slightest, but it’s true!

So please, as you continue on your journey and pursuit of your goals, always make sure to watch that inner dialogue and thoughts that you have not just about what you are doing, but the way you feel when you see other people moving forward, growing or doing better than they once were.

And I realize you probably already do this of course, but I think it’s equally important to remind people of this concept as well in the event you see someone acting the way the gentleman I told you about was acting…

Feel free to share this with anyone who you feel can benefit!

Celebrate the success of others as often as possible!

It makes life better and believe it or not, makes the pursuit of your goals easier!

Thank you for reading! Lee

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