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The Best Time To Eat Carbs


The Best Time To Eat Carbs

There are so many diet myths out there, none more so than those relating to carbohydrates and how you need to stay away from them, or only eat them at certain times…

“So When is the Best Time to Eat Carbohydrates?”

There are two parts to this answer, I’ll give you both of them right now.

Part 1:

Overall calorie intake is what dictates fat loss, the end.

You have to learn to accept this as reality, it is after all science. So this means we can enjoy carbohydrates at any time of day and lose body fat, IF we are in a caloric deficit.

Google Law of Thermodynamics if you’re skeptical, because it will help you avoid falling for any BS marketing tactics companies will use to push product down your throat or believing all the fictitious misinformation being spoken about carbs in society & on social media.

Part 2:

This is for when you’re in a good place with your eating habits. Meaning you have your nutrition program dialed in, you’re staying consistent and are in a calorie deficit. To really optimize your results, there are certain times carbs can be consumed that will help you extract every last bit of potential from your diet…

Around the times you workout, before and/or after, it is advantageous to consume carbohydrates because they will:

  • Provide energy to perform during workouts and improves recovery by boosting glycogen levels
  • Offer “protein sparing” properties, which will help increase lean muscle tissue
  • Help reduce cortisol secretion AFTER training which is good for fat loss, gut health and muscle recovery
  • Satisfy your cravings by rebalancing blood sugar levels after an intense workout, which will help prevent overeating late at night. (due to your body continuing to burn calories for hours after the workout is completed)

Some extra carbs in meals on either side of your workout will provide the above benefits and overall optimize your results!

Having evenly portioned servings of carbohydrates in every meal will help you stay consistent and make your nutrition program simple, convenient, easy to keep up with and enjoyable!

That’s what allows our customers to get the amazing results they do and lose weight fast when they stay consistent with the program!

When your “diet” doesn’t feel like a “diet” and you get to actually enjoy & look forward to the foods you eat everyday, staying consistent is a breeze! A lot of the times we hear from you guys that you didn’t realize how much time/energy you were spending thinking or worrying about portion sizes, eating the right foods or the time that goes into cooking, until after you started using our services!

If you’re not enjoying the foods in your diet and having to focus on what NOT to eat, sadly it will be impossible to sustain those eating habits long enough to see the results you’re after.

Please know that is why we work so hard creating and improving our International Fitness Chef Inspired Menus every week!

Eat carbs, feel amazing, lose fat. That’s what we do with you guys!

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