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The Most Common Nutrition Mistakes Wrecking Your Progress

The Most Common Nutrition Mistakes Wrecking Your Progress

Our expert team at NS includes certified weight loss specialists, celebrity trainers, and sports scientists. Combined, we’ve worked with over 1000 clients and learned a thing or two about shredding fat or improving one’s physique.
In this article, the Nutrition Solution team of experts will share a thing or two they’ve learned over several decades of working with clients.
Here’s are the key dieting mistakes you may be making and how to fix them from today…
1.Your Calorie Intake / Portion sizes don’t reflect your goals.
Far too often, people will follow a random macronutrient (carbs/protein/fats) regime they stumbled across in a magazine, or one of their favorite fitness models made up and posted on social media.
When it comes to improving your physique, proper calorie intake, and proper macro timing are the most fundamental factors in achieving your goals.  If you are not mindful of this, it won’t matter how amazing your training, how long you spend in the gym, or how many fat burning supplements you take, you simply won’t get good results.
Your diet should be tailored and highly specific to your current goal. Following a random diet or just eating random foods, in random quantities, is like shooting blindfolded, and actually expecting hoping to hit the target.
Sadly, this won’t occur for 99% of people and, if you are reading this today, there’s a great chance you haven’t succeed because your meal plan simply isn’t optimized to your goals!
This is why our expert team at Nutrition solutions have designed separate meal plans and programs geared toward your individual needs and personal goals, (fat loss or muscle growth) and use a highly advanced strategy that’s been proven to work time and time again amongst 1000’s of clients.
If you’re tired of average results, take action today and let us help get you on a FAIL SAFE plan. There’s nothing worse than putting in all the hard work, but not seeing results because your meal plan is not up to par.
We are so confident in our proven system, we offer a 110% money back guarantee if you do not experience results with our company!
As the saying goes, failure to prepare is preparing to fail.
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Now pick your main goal:
2. Not Staying Consistent With Your Diet
Another all to common issue when dieting is the lack of consistency.
People seem to under appreciate losing fat and building muscle is a marathon, not a sprint. And just lie you didn’t gain any extra weight overnight, you won’t lose it that fast either.
If you wish to be successful with your dieting efforts in the long term, you need to 100% have a VARIETY of foods in your meal plan that you’re going to actually enjoy!  If you don’t like eating it you won’t be able to stay consistent.  That’s just common sense.
This is why at Nutrition Solutions we incorporate menu items such as Bison Burgers, Protein Pizza, Pancakes, and protein donuts!  These tasty entrees and clean snacks ensure our clients stay on track with their goals and love every meal in the process!
By doing so, it removes the normal boring and bland diet, which often causes people to quit altogether or have weekly binges or cheat meals which wreck any progress they made last week.
In turn? Everyone stays consistent, loves their diet and builds long-term healthy habits.
Just stop and think for 5 seconds…
How much easier would your diet be if you could lose fat or build muscle while eating the foods you love, not feeling like you were ever on a “diet” or restricting yourself of the foods you love?
It’s a no brainer, if you don’t enjoy your diet, or can’t see yourself on it in 5 years time, then how would you ever expect to stick with it and maintain your new physique for the long-term?
The answer; you wouldn’t. You couldn’t! It’s just not possible…
If you feel like this is your limiting factor, learn more about meal plans and Clean Cheatz protein donuts (you won’t believe the macros) now!
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Not Preparing In-Advance
In a modern day world, fueled mostly by unhealthy fast food or the nearest convenience, not preparing your meals in advance is a recipe for failure as it relates to a healthier, more aesthetically pleasing physique.
Although healthy options can be found in scarcity, the majority of food outlets available in on the go capacities will only have foods readily available that will move you further from your goals . When you are rushing around with the kids, or, in the middle of the day on your 20-minute lunch break, it’s not a surprise that you reach for the closest option, which unfortunately will always be a high-calorie meal filled with who knows what, that will only add inches to your waistline, and stress to your life.
After all, why would you pay $12 + for an iceberg salad with no nutritional value, or a combo meal, when you can get a much cleaner, tastier meal for around half that price?
This is an issue I see with clients all the time, and a lot of times they know better, but simply don’t have the time or knowledge to prepare healthy meals.
For most of us, the combo of no food + hunger almost guarantees going with a subpar health conscious choice.  After all, hunger sends signals to your brain that trigger cravings, and can you think of a single time in your life you’ve ever craved grilled chicken, fish, or green veggies?
Sadly when hunger strikes and cravings come it’s never for the foods we need to help us reach our goals.
Meal prep can take a lot of time, and be a hassle, but so can being severely overweight, depressed and sick as a result of not taking care of ourselves,
If you are serious about your goals, meal prep is not optional.  It will be as important as the air we breathe and something you need to do 100% of the time.
Whether you chose to invest the time meal prepping on your own, or take advantage of a service that does all the work for you the way our clients do, preparing meals in advance is the only way you will achieve desired results with your physical body.
If this is something you feel you could use help with, you will be surprised how cost effective our weekly meal plans can be. Once you account for time spent shopping,  preparing and cooking, and cleaning up after the fact, most people will save over $400 per month, and several hours of their valuable time.
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Taking the Wrong Supplements
 The final mistake we often see is people’s mindset towards supplements.
For some, they will heavily rely on supplements and not focus on the most important aspect, the diet.   For others, they will ignore supplements altogether and operate under the assumption they are not needed.
As always, the true answer lies somewhere in between. A well-designed supplement regime that is supporting a perfect diet plan can take your training and results to the next level!
At Nutrition Solutions, our team consists of National Academy of Sports Medicine certified Fitness and Nutrition Specialists, Weight Loss Specialists, a Medical Physician, a Metabolic Typing Specialist, Diagnostic Nutritionist, and a sports scientist!
Based off their expertise and input, CEO Chris Cavallini has condensed all of the most effective and research proven supplements into one guide to help our clients achieve the best results!With 1000s of supplements on the market, it can be highly confusing. Sadly, most of them just burn a hole in your pocket with no benefit or return. Download the guide now to see exactly what supplements Chris has used to sculpt his impressive physique, and what supplements will suit your goals and body best.
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Master The Basics to TransformAfter reading this blog post you will now hopefully understand the importance and key concepts of improving your physique. Once you’ve hit these points, the rest will fall into place!If you want to transform your physique using Nutrition Solutions, here’s a few transformations to inspire you and let you know you’ve made the right decision.
Join our team at  Nutrition Solutions take control of, and improve your overall quality of life!
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