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What to drink when getting drunk

What to drink when getting drunk

I drink.  To be perfectly honest, I feel not the slightest bit guilty admitting it, nor do I have a problem attesting to the fact that some of the best nights, trips, and vacations I’ve experienced, alcohol has been involved.   As a general rule of thumb, these days, if my next day’s productivity is hindered in any way, shape, or form, the value of the previous night is negated, as my time is simply too valuable to be wasted laying around all day with a nasty hangover.  So the key of course, is to indulge in moderation.

As I’ve discussed in further detail in a recent article,

Six Bad Habits That Are Good For You
consuming a drink or 2 daily, is actually one of 3 key behaviors that research has shown may actually help you live longer.  Now while I am not a practitioner of this methodology, I do enjoy drinks with friends over a nice dinner or night on the town.  I also enjoy keeping my body in peek condition 365 days of the year.

With that said…

Just like the foods we eat, when it comes to drinking, not all alcohol is created equal.  Today we will look at some of the BEST and WORST options one can make when it comes to drinking….



With 69 calories and about ½ a carb, a martini is always a safe bet


There are 78 calories in 1 glass of champagne.  Approved!

Whiskey and Gin

 50 calories per 1 oz. serving.  Where are my whiskey drinkers at!?


Containing about 150 calories per serving, this little gem made it on today’s list due to the fruit content.  Fruit can get high on sugar, so limit yourself to 2.


Anti-oxidants, Vitamin C, and 90 calories per 8oz serving. Enough said.

Bloody Mary

Swimming with tomatoes, horseradish, celery, and just 125 total calories, a Bloody Mary is always a solid go to.  On an unrelated note, it has also been known to assist in the cure of hangovers. But as intelligent, responsible, and good looking individuals, as demonstrated by the fact you are reading this article, we should not have to worry about those now should we? ☺


Author’s personal favorite.  64 calories per 1 oz. shot.  Shots are awesome, no doubt.  Nothing brings a group of friends together, breaks the ice with a guy/girl at the bar, or increases camaraderie more so than an obligatory round of shots.  They also increase the probability of intoxication and DUI immeasurably.  So don’t be an a$$hole and drink and drive.  Cab it. www.Uber.com

Vodka Soda

Vodka has less than 100 calories per 1.5 oz., and soda water has 0.  Add a lime to flavor, and you’re in business with a mentally gratifying, low calorie cocktail.


Packed out with potassium, anti-oxidants, and magnesium, you really can’t go wrong here.  A 5oz glass typically has about 100 calories; and out of your white and red options, red has been known to be the more “heart healthy” option of the two.

Beck’s Premier Light

Now I’ve never tried this one personally as I’m not a beer drinker, but this is one of the lowest calorie beers on the market.  64 calories total.  If beer is your thing, this would be a good option.


Long Island Ice Tea

Contains up to 780 calories per glass! Usually made with 3 shots of alcohol, this will certainly expedite the process of accruing a buzz, but will also assist in the formation of love handles.  Avoid at all costs.

Fruity Margarita

Just because it has fruit does not automatically make it good for you.  With 340 calories roughly per drink, each one is equivalent to a meal; minus of course the nutritional value.


One may think that beer is a safer bet due to the avoidance of sugary mixers and such; but you would be surprised to know that some beers have between 300-400 calories each.  If brews are your poison, ensure to stick with light beer.

White Russian

Although tasty and aesthetic, just one of these babies brings an impressive 500 calories, and almost double your daily allowance of saturated fat to the party.  It’s also not that dense in alcohol content, so what’s really the point? You’re better off going to a make your own frozen yogurt joint if it’s a sweet tooth you’re looking to cure.

Pina Coloda

Pina Coladas contain more than 600 calories per serving; for anyone counting, that’s more than 3 Krispy Kreme donuts.


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