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Consider Why Winners Win

Consider Why Winners Win

Last week our CEO, Chris Cavallini did a live video on Instagram talking about getting ahead, becoming “unstuck” from your current position and how to generally live a winning life. The response to the video was overwhelming and a lot of our clients who follow Chris wrote into the company requesting that we put out more content fitting that theme, so I wanted to pick this back up and provide you some considerable value today…

His main piece of advice was this…

In order to progress in our lives, we have got to go above and beyond with everything we do, because this will basically force progress and help us reach the next level.

He added that we should not wish for, or seek praise just for doing what we’re expected and supposed to do -because at the end of the day doing a “good job” as it relates to our life’s responsibilities should be viewed as a basic minimum requirement.

We need to strive to go above and beyond with every task we touch and everything our name is attached to. We need to do what 97% of other people will NOT do in order to move forward and have a 3% life. Only 3% of the population will set goals and continually take the action needed to see them thru. That’s a statistic backed by extensive research.

The 3% don’t focus on recognition. Their mindset is focused on new goals and reaching the next level, which ultimately gains them a ton of recognition along with improved confidence, discipline and happiness!

We can apply the 3% mindset to our career right now and fat loss goals and by doing so will GUARANTEE better results and feelings of accomplishment.

How To Apply the 3% Mindset to Your Career?

If you’re trying to earn a promotion, get a raise or create a better opportunity in your professional life you have to set your actions up to make your superiors take notice and say to themselves, “WOW”. The way to open new doors and better opportunity for yourself is by outperforming everyone around you and forcing the spotlight on yourself. This can be done in a number of ways. Get in the habit of ALWAYS doing more than what’s required. Show up early, stay late, meet deadlines early and look for ways to always do a little extra. You can work off the clock, jump in with our departments to lend a helping hand and learn more about the company and always be the guy or girl who’s willing to pick up any slack and help your boss should they need it. Solve problems before you’re asked to and do what you can to make your bosses life easier and the business more successful – Treat it as YOUR business and when you speak about it, say OUR company. It is after all true! Do this and you’ll start to progress very quickly!

How To Apply the 3% Mindset to Your Fitness Goals?

Be the hardest worker in the gym.

Do some extra reps even when you feel like you can’t, don’t sit down in between sets, rest less between sets and pick up the intensity overall! Do the hard stuff that you suck at! That’s how we get better. If you’re going to the gym 4 days a week step it up to 5. Incorporate supersets and drop sets so you’re able to really push past failure and create more stress on your muscles! Step up the number of days and time you do cardio for! This will create better results from a lean muscle gain and fat loss standpoint.

With your diet: make sure you’re drinking a lot of water every day, set alarms on your phone so you can be more on point with your meal times which will help boost your metabolism. Reduce the number of cheat meals you eat and be more mindful overall of what you’re putting into your body. Routinely ask yourself before you eat, “Is this going to move me closer to, or further away from my goals.”

Remember, how you do one thing is how you do all things. When you step up things with your workouts and diet, you can expect to see positive changes and better results in your professional life as well!

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