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Why Low Carb Diets Are Stupid

Why Low Carb Diets Are Stupid

Without citing numerous research and studies that have validated time after time just how Inefficient, IMPRACTICAL, DANGEROUS, AND DUMB  low carbohydrate “diets” are for anyone who’s primary goal is to LOSE FAT AND build lean muscle, let ME instead apologize for all the NONSENSE you’ve been fed by the trainer at your gym who obtained his certification over the weekend, (no offense to my personal trainer friends out there killing it!) or the nonsense you’ve come across on social media via fitness personalities with strong selfie games who look the part, but sadly have not the slightest clue about nutrition, biomechanics,  kinesiology,  and dieting in such a way that promotes sustainability, success, and long term results.

If you are 50+ years of age, have no interest in exercising in any capacity, and intend on remaining relatively dormant, (which is perfectly ok) low/no carbs and higher fat diets would work well for you, so no need to continue reading today.

If you’re not, keep reading to see why low carb diets DON’T WORK…

Low Carb Fairy Tales

In order to justify the effectiveness of low carb diets that SCIENCE has proven time and time again to be INEFFICIENT, some fitness “professionals” and social media gurus will combine pseudoscience and selective citation to support their arguments.

That said…let me be the first to say the following regarding low/no carb diets: THEY WORK!!!!
So NOW you’re probably confused and thinking what the heCK is this guy talking about, and why is he contradicting himself on an open forum. LOL Allow myself to explain….. myself . (Austin Powers reference for anyone keeping score) ☺

From a fat loss stand point you will see great results. No question.  IT can also happen quick if you’re able to sustain that type of diet which most can’t.  The issue here is these results are temporary 100% of the time. You’ll also experience even more weight loss as a result of dropping water weight, as carbs tend to bind stronger to water than proteins or fats.  What is conveniently never taken into account or mentioned before hand is the “dark side” of low carb diets.

Side effects and potential health risks of no/low carb diets include:

  • Extreme Irritability
  • Muscle loss and loss of strength
  • Fatigue
  • Constipation
  • Intense hunger/binge eating
  • Lack of sex drive
  • Lack of focus
  • Weakened memory
  • Lack of motivation to exercise

If you think you’re the exception to the rule or think you can handle all that, I have some more not so amazing news…

You will ultimately gain all the weight back and then some.

So we all know someone who lost a ton of weight in a relatively short period of time, who subsequently gained it all back with a vengeance, and then some.  This is trademark of low carb diets.  Your body can only exist in a restricted deficit for so long, and when, not if, you introduce carbs back in your diet, your body basically freaks out and goes into fat/water storing mode in a valiant effort to super over compensate for the hell you’ve put it through.

Now for the good news!!!

You can get insanely lean and eat lots of carbs!!!  You just have to ensure you’re taking them in from the right sources, that the portions are in line with your personal goals, and most importantly, you stay CONSISTENT with your daily intake.

The body is a very sophisticated mechanism, and whatever we do to it, whether good, bad, or indifferent, it will adapt.  Kind of like our tolerance with alcohol.

Treat your body well. You’re stuck with it forever.


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