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Why Eating Organic Eggs Matters!

Why Eating Organic Eggs Matters!

They say, “what you don’t know can’t hurt you.”

…and while in most situations we would tend to agree, when it comes to the foods we put in our body, not only can it hurt you, inevitably, it could probably kill you.

While organic eggs certainly offer a significant amount of nutritional value to your diet, it’s actually what they don’t have that makes them more compelling – and if I’m being totally honest here, the only real option when it comes to the eggs we eat.

Specifically antibiotics, synthetic hormones, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals that have been closely linked to a variety of diseases in human beings with poor eating habits max

Just because something is organic doesn’t necessarily mean it’s always better for you…

There are certain foods, however, that we should always strive to exclusively consume organic options whenever possible.

Eggs are one of those foods, which is why at Nutrition Solutions, we use nothing but organic eggs in all of our protein pancakes, protein waffles, fresh-baked protein bars, and healthy protein donuts that are provided in our high protein meal plans!

What Makes an Egg Organic

To be certified organic (worldwide), hens must be fed a 100% organic, vegetarian diet.

Organic egg-laying hens must NOT be raised in cages and must have access to the outside. Hens responsible for laying organic eggs must be allowed to roam freely and have access to outdoor space. This is important because just like us, the exercise they receive adds to their overall health, along with the ability they have to eat a more natural diet.

97% of egg-laying hens in the United States are raised in small cages. They live in overcrowded spaces where they are often covered in their own feces, as well as surrounded by the rotting carcasses of other hens that prematurely pass away. This is a normal occurrence in the caged system due to the poor overall health of the hens, who are often very weak from a lack of exercise and the poor, unnatural diets they’re fed.

Weak, unhealthy hens = Weak, unhealthy eggs.

In addition, hens that live in the caged system are often fed high amounts of human-grade antibiotics to deter them from contracting bacterial infections from the unsanitary, unsafe, inhuman living conditions they’re confined to.

By consuming animal products that were given antibiotics during the duration of their life span, people run the risk of severe health risks due to the devastating impact long-term antibiotic exposure has on the human immune system.

What are the Benefits of Organic Eggs

Organic eggs are packed with vitamins and nutrients.

The healthy diet and lifestyle of the hens contribute to the high vitamin and nutrition content of organic eggs. Vitamin A, beta-carotene, iron, and vitamin E are abundant in organic eggs. Vitamin A helps to maintain healthy skin, hair, and eyes. It’s also an immune system enhancer! Beta-carotene and vitamin E are both antioxidants that help prevent chronic diseases such as cancer or diabetes.

Another significant benefit is that of the healthy fat content Organic Eggs offer! For those of you who don’t know, healthy fat is needed to lose fat and also has profound benefits on cognition.

Organic eggs have significantly higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids than non-organic eggs.

These fats are known to prevent chronic disease, improve brain health and reduce inflammation. Omega-3s also play an important role in heart health and help to lower cholesterol.

In addition, organic eggs have significantly less unhealthy cholesterol and saturated fat than non-organic eggs!

In the United States, it can be difficult to eat healthy, with overly processed foods loaded with sugar (some of which are even marketed as “healthy”) so readily available and constantly thrown in our faces, as fast food establishments spend billions in advertising every year!

Hence why scheduling time to meal prep on a Sunday, or using a healthy meal delivery service is crucial to be successful with your health, fitness, and nutrition goals.

As it relates to prioritizing one’s health by making wise decisions with the foods we put in our body, some may say to themselves,” I can’t afford to do that.”

However, once the truth is known and people become informed about the benefits of eating organic, grass-fed, humanely raised, etc…

The narrative usually changes to, “I can’t afford NOT to do that.”

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