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What Would You Do With One Lung

What Would You Do With One Lung

Hopefully, you never have to answer this question for real, but there are approximately 234,000 people who were diagnosed with lung cancer across the USA this year – some people in this horribly challenging situation end up with one lung, or worse, they die.

Imagine how that feels…

But sometimes from these unfortunate situations, there are some unbelievable stories that manifest as a result of the decisions the people make. There are individuals out there who beat lung cancer and decide to take advantage of the new lease on life they’ve been given and go on to complete marathons, or even more extreme, hardcore events and competitions despite only having one lung. Obviously, this is totally inspiring as it serves as a critical perspective piece for those people out there who are “healthy” with two working lungs, yet have become complacent with their fitness and overall lifestyle.

Good health should not be taken for granted, nor should the physical capacity to train hard when we are able! For those of who are fortunate to have good health, the mindset towards training should be to demand the absolute most from your body and to push yourself continuously to a place you have not been before. Aka getting out of your damn comfort zone!

For example, when muscle fatigue starts to set in during your workout, instinct might tell you its time to stop and rest. When this happens you have to tune out the little voices in your mind and then remind yourself that you’re fortunate to have the opportunity to feel this pain period, as well as the ability to push thru it… And by doing so not only will you level up your results, but your level of mental toughness and discipline as well.

Remember, there is no shortage of military veterans who have had limbs blown off in combat while fighting to protect our country’s freedom or paraplegic children who will never experience life outside of a wheelchair who would love nothing more than to trade their circumstances with your own.

They’d love to have the opportunity to work out with the same intensity that you have the ability to train with, or at all for that matter, so when the pain sets in and you think about putting the weights down or stopping your cardio early, keep them in mind. And instead of giving up or resting at that point, turn it up and push a little harder to honor them

Can you see how a simple change in perspective empowers the mind? It’s pretty cool right?! Exercising gratitude for the things you have especially your health and adjusting your perspective is a game-changing success hack to recruiting more power both in the gym… and in life.

You and I both can definitely train a little harder. We can pick up the intensity, take fewer rest days, push out those extra reps when we’re tired, take less time between sets and do more super sets, drop sets, cardio and exercises we don’t like to do because they’re hard. ..

There is always more in the tank than you think. Not only in the gym but every area of life that requires work to be put in.

But your mind needs to accept that and to be challenged when the little voices start saying “it’s time to rest.” In fact, when your brain is telling you to stop and you feel like you can’t do anymore, there is actually research out there that says you have the physical capacity to go another 40%!

This is the point at which real results will happen!

All of these things add up to a meaningful boost in progression when done consistently over a significant period of time. Giving your absolute all each time you train, knowing it is your privilege and responsibility to do so will help you progress with your fitness goals and helps create positive habits that are beneficial to moving forward in your personal and professional life as well!

Giving yourself a harsh reminder of how those who are less fortunate have to deal with their situations is a great way to gain perspective and light a little fire under your a$$. So on the days you’re “not feeling it” and don’t want to go workout, remember them…

And then go handle your life even harder than you normally would understanding that’s how you develop discipline, the key to all things success!!

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