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3 Weak Things Lazy People Do (Which You Should Not!)

3 Weak Things Lazy People Do (Which You Should Not!)

Calling someone out for their laziness may seem mean, arrogant and condescending at first glance, but if you’re doing it because you actually care about that person, you’re actually doing them a favor.

You see, we have a responsibility to be there for and support the people we care about, including and especially being willing to have an uncomfortable conversation when we witness them doing something that’s causing them harm, or will ultimately lead to a very bad outcome. So understand when you have the courage to let someone know when they’re f’n up you’re actually helping them.

The most unkind thing you can do to another human being is to enable or contribute to their own demise, which is exactly what happens when you fail to be honest with people about their self-sabotaging shortcomings.

If somebody you care about keeps putting off doing the things they need to do to change their current unhealthy lifestyle or improve on their quality of life, which mind you will empower them to have more confidence, less stress, allow them to look/feel/perform better and succeed at a higher level in every area of life, it is absolutely your duty to talk to them about it! And yes, it can be uncomfortable, but they will respect and appreciate you so much more for it after the fact.

Self-awareness is so important for continued success, being mindful of where you need to improve and subsequently taking action to do just that. Laziness comes in many forms, which can crush momentum and stop you from getting results or being able to make progress.

Progress = winning. And if you’re not winning, guess what???

Fortunately every day we wake up with a new opportunity to create positive, lasting change in not only our own lives but in the lives of the people we care about. And sometimes we can do that simply by being brave enough to call someone out (respectfully) on the fact that they’ve gotten off track and have adopted some lazy habits

Let’s identify 3 traits which lazy people demonstrate, which you can look out for moving forward…

1) Excuse Making

Excuses are made by people who want to have a reason to justify their own inaction as it relates to what needs to be done to improve their circumstances – it’s easy to let ourselves off the hook because (INSERT EXCUSE HERE)…A lot easier than taking responsibility for our shortcomings and then doing the hard work to improve on them. Everybody is busy, has stress, a million responsibilities and is constantly juggling life’s obstacles. Some choose to use “life” as an excuse, others let it empower them to go harder and do what they need to do to create the life they want.

2) Procrastinating

How many times have you heard someone say, I’m going to start a diet Monday, next week, next month, after the holidays, on my birthday, in the spring etc?

“Monday” comes, yet miraculously there’s always a reason why they can’t take action, even though they had planned to and were honestly excited to!

People get too caught up in their feelings and think they have to start when they feel perfect or the timing is just right…And that’s a huge vulnerability.

You and I have the unique opportunity to choose when the action starts, how highly we prioritize it and what we’re willing to do to ensure it happens, regardless of how we feel or how the day turns out.

It’s a choice we all have.

Lazy people tend to procrastinate taking any sort of action and allow the discomfort that comes with change to keep them from taking action. They remain stagnant, in comfort, sitting back waiting for the mystical “perfect time” to come along – *NEWSFLASH*, there is no perfect time!! The right time to start something which will change your life for the better is today. Don’t procrastinate taking action with things that are important, take immediate action and do something regardless of how big or small, that locks you in and commits you to that thing you’re wanting to do!

3) Avoiding Accountability

Lazy people run away from accountability because it lets them off the hook. If there is nobody or nothing to call them out when they’re not doing what they should be, there is no pain, so there is 0 risk of encountering discomfort. Unfortunately, when there is 0 pain, there can be no progress.

Obviously, people like yourself appreciate and actively seek out accountability because you understand it ’s a way of guaranteeing your results! Even during times when you aren’t quite on point if you have an accountability mechanism built in, such as a mentor or positive support network, your chances of winning are exponentially higher. This is why we, people who want to achieve our goals, embrace accountability and lazy people hide from it.

Hopefully, that puts some things into perspective as far as differentiating a winning mindset from a lazy one…

The *ONLY* time being “lazy” is acceptable is in the kitchen in regard to your meal prep. For 99% of the population, it’s smarter to delegate your meal prep to professionals so you’re able to save 10 hours per week, ensure you have awesome tasting food portioned appropriately to help you crush your goals and a network that provides ongoing support, motivation and accountability to help you stay consistent.

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