What Being Fat Does to Your Penis

What Being Fat Does to Your Penis

If by some chance you arrived here after searching “fat penis”…

I apologize. It’s not that kind of article.

Here’s the truth about what being overweight does to a man’s penis – but I have to warn you…

It’s absolutely NOT good.

The Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology, and Neuroscience found that the average penis is 3.6 inches flaccid and 5.16 inches erect.

For many overweight and obese men, though, it’s impossible to know how they “measure up.”

Some research suggests 1 in 3 adult men are too fat to see their own penis. 🙁

But how does it even get to that point!?

Not so fun fact:

For every 30 pounds of excess weight, a man will lose an inch of visibility of his penis.

So if you ever felt like the “D” isn’t as long as it once was…

Maybe now you understand why.

See, the base of a man’s penis starts inside the body.

So the more fat one has in the lower belly and base of the penis…

The more the body will literally “swallow” the penis, making it appear smaller and less visible to the naked eye.

In the medical world, this is known as “buried penis”.

Fellas, I know this is uncomfortable.

Trust me,  it’s uncomfortable for me sharing this.

But let’s not  look at this as a bad thing…

Because now you know.

And you also have another compelling reason to stay in the gym and keep your diet on point.

Ladies, if you’re reading this…

Pass it along to a man who would want (or need) to hear it.

They’ll thank you later. (Possibly)

Some of you may find this moderately humorous, but for men, it’s really no laughing matter.

If a man can’t see part, or all of his own penis…

It’s absolutely going to destroy his confidence, self-esteem, mental health and make him feel like less of a man.

Fellas, remember what you learned here today. Use it is as FUEL going forward.

If you’re already fit, awesome!

Stay on it. But always keep this in the back of your mind.

If you’re off the path and need to make a lifestyle change…

Think about the amazing opportunity you have!

By going all in on your fitness…

You’ll not only become the HEALTHIEST, FITTEST, most DOMINANT version of YOU…

The Universe will also reward your hard work by gifting you back valuable inches to your manhood.

Get to work.

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