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4 Reasons to Stop Fearing Carbs!

4 Reasons to Stop Fearing Carbs!

Carbs get a bad rap in diet culture and are feared by the uneducated general public.

When you operate from a mindset of “scarcity”, it is metaphysically impossible to create abundance…

Which sets carb-fearing dieters up for failure from the start.

But the truth is if you’re trying to build a better body…

Carbohydrates are essential and accelerate the process of fitness transformation.

Here are 4 reasons to stop fearing carbs…

1. Carbs are Muscle Building, Fat Burning Weapons

Without proper carb intake, you won’t have sufficient energy or stamina to get the most out of your workouts.

This decrease in efficiency will lead to less lean muscle growth.

Less lean muscle growth means a slower metabolism, which also means your body will not be able to burn fat as efficiently.

Plus, negative impacts on performance can lead to lean muscle loss.

Which will further hinder your ability to lose fat.

Including carbs in your meals will also make it much easier to stay consistent with a healthy diet.

2. Carb-Cutting Weight Loss Is Temporary – and Mostly Water

People may lose weight when they cut out carbs, but it’s mostly water weight.

When you cut carbs, water is sucked out of your muscles and liver – so you lose weight, but not fat.

Your muscles will look flat, and you’ll find it harder to get a good pump in the gym.

Restricting yourself of carbs also leads to lower energy levels, moodiness, and a decreased sex drive.

Restricting carbs can also cause “out of control“ days of binge eating.

Just one day of binging can knock you out of a calorie deficit, preventing you from losing any fat at all.

3. Carbs Aid in Recovery and Better Sleep

Pre & post-workout carbs enhance post-workout glycogen repletion, which basically means less muscle soreness and faster recovery between workouts.

A study published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that eating healthy carbs in your last meal of the day can even help you get a better night of sleep.

Further dispelling the “fake news” that you should avoid carbs at night or before bed.

4. Veggies Aren’t Enough

You can and should get SOME carbohydrates from vegetables.

But veggies are a good source of micronutrients…

Not fueling your body for optimized energy and performance.

Eating broccoli, thinking you’re getting in your carbs, is like having a slice of whole grain bread and thinking you’re all set on protein.

Yes, whole-grain bread has some protein…

But it’s not the high-quality amino acid profile quality protein your body needs to build lean muscle and destroy fat.

So don’t be afraid of your rice, sweet potatoes, potatoes, fruits, and even whole wheat pasta.

When proper portion control is present, your body put carbs to good use.

In conclusion, carbs are not just “not bad” for fat loss and a better physique…

They’re actually AMAZING!

It’s the restriction of carbs that gets people in trouble on their fitness journey.

When someone loses a ton of weight and ultimately rebounds, gaining it all back…

90% of the time, it’s a restrictive, low-carb diet that’s to blame.

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