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This is Why Monday’s Suck for 97% of Americans!

This is Why Monday’s Suck for 97% of Americans!

Studies done on 340,000 Americans found that almost unanimously, they all dislike Mondays! The trend didn’t die there though, Tuesday, Wednesday and even Thursday were said to be days a significantly high % of those people dreaded.

People are literally living for the weekend was the conclusion this study reached, which means over 70% of their life is just an existence or state in which they’re not fulfilled or feeling very good about themselves. Crazy, huh?

So what’s the difference between the people who live for the weekends and those who are just as pumped for Monday as they are the weekend?

The “secret sauce” for waking up and looking forward to the day ahead can be defined by two things:

  • Having purpose
  • Experiencing progression
  • Let’s focus on the second point because this is what we specialize in at Nutrition Solutions

    Seeing yourself progress, taking small steps on a daily basis towards the goal you’re aiming for makes life exciting and drives you to do more!

    Waking up on Monday full of energy and then seeing the scale has gone down a little is not only an awesome feeling but validation that you’re on the right track and moving forward toward your goal!

    Looking in the mirror, seeing that you’re a little leaner than the week before gives you momentum to carry into the new week and lets you know that you look more attractive than you did 7 days ago. This creates a mental connection in your mind that associates the dedication and discipline you invest into your fitness goals with happiness, making tomorrow an occasion to look forward to because there’s more progress to enjoy.

    When you don’t have progress to look forward to, life almost stands still, because you’re not getting any closer to your goals. The moment you commit to moving forward, the whole dynamic of the way your life feels changes for the better.

    Extracting more positivity from your day, allowing yourself to look forward to every single morning starts by having something meaningful to look forward to – your progress which is in direct proportion to your happiness should be that very thing.

    This explains why that person at work who decided to get in amazing shape suddenly walks around with more confidence, a smile on their face and a new lease on life seemingly. It feels good to be making progress, even if we’re not at the final goal yet, when we are moving forward we are able to feel alive because progression is now apart of our routine! That makes any human feel excited, fulfilled and full of purpose once again.

    Right at this moment, you might feel like you’re in a hole, stuck or waiting for the right time to start taking steps forward. Whether it’s with your fitness, job, relationships, finances etc. Here’s the thing, waiting won’t serve you in any way whatsoever, you need to start creating some momentum right now and confronting those feelings by taking massive, relentless, aggressive action!

    Start reading 10 pages a day of personal development books, hit a daily step count of 15,000 and make sure you can check that box every day, show up 30 min earlier for work, stay 30 min later. eliminate any fast food or soda and or an extra 20 minutes of training at the gym…

    These steps might not be all that is needed to reach your goals, but they 100% create valuable momentum that gets you closer to the next level – once you experience progression, it becomes contagious and you will be able to continue to build upon it!

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