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Carbohydrates Are AWESOME for Fat Loss!

Carbohydrates Are AWESOME for Fat Loss!

My topic today is about how carbohydrates are not only NOT BAD for fat loss, but highly beneficial!

This probably comes as a shock for some, but if you take 2 minutes of your time the following info could change your life as I will help you understand why…

The media will have us believe that carbs are like the “Adolf Hitler” of macronutrients; evil, toxic and single-handedly responsible for making people fat!

This idea has been reinforced and monetized by companies who pay celebrities to talk about their carb-free diets and how it helped them go from fat to fit basically overnight…

As convenient as it would be for it to be that easy, sadly it is not. As with anything in life, there is no quick path and anything worth doing takes time, consistency and discipline.

Not only is the “carbs make you fat myth” completely inaccurate, carbohydrates are actually UNBELIEVABLE for fat loss when consumed strategically, portioned appropriately and from the right sources!

The myth which gained a lot of momentum about carbohydrates causing people to get fat was based on insulin spiking – carbohydrates are insulinogenic and the pancreas secrets insulin when they’re consumed to help transport them. In healthy people who have a fully functioning pancreas, the body will sustain homeostasis, which means if correct portion control is exercised consistently, spikes in insulin will NOT cause fat gain.

All food causes some insulin response anyway, not just carbs! To keep it simple, if you’re not basically gorging yourself with excessive portions of carbs and taking in more calories than you burn daily, your body will have no reason to store fat as it’s internal systems will be in balance.

Overweight people who are Type 2 diabetic experience beta-cell dysfunction, which means they can’t produce enough insulin to match their blood glucose, which creates a lot of problems for them explaining why they have to take insulin. This physical state is reached by overindulgence of sugars and other non-nutritious foods. Or in layman’s terms, eating like complete sh*t and neglecting one’s health for a long period of time, which does include carbohydrates by proxy, but is attributed to calories overall, not carbs.

Lots of people have allowed this scenario to alter their perspective simply because usually when people eat like sh*t for a long time and render themselves diabetic, the foods they were consuming are in fact heavily processed, sugary and rich in carbs. The issue here is not carbs, but a lack of understanding, discipline, inactivity, overeating and leading a generally unhealthy lifestyle.

The take-home message here is simple, carbohydrates don’t make you fat…

Eating like sh*t too frequently and taking in more calories than you burn daily will…

if correct portion control is exercised and you have a healthy functioning pancreas – the laws of thermodynamics absolutely guarantee this! Consuming fewer calories (energy) than you burn is the focal point of fat loss, those who remove carbs and lose fat did so because they ate less or worked out more, NOT because they cut out carbs.

Now, let’s talk about why carbohydrates are good for fat loss!

Carbohydrates can make getting the body you want easier, for many different reasons…

  • The thyroid helps govern your metabolism and carbohydrates actually stimulate the metabolism. When somebody doesn’t eat enough, especially on a low carb diet for too long, their metabolism slows down! This is actually why sometimes having a higher carb “refeed” for a day is a smart way to boost the metabolism after a prolonged time of consistent portion control. The lower you bring your daily carb intake, the harder it will be to lose fat in the future!
  • Carbohydrates are your body’s most accessible fuel source, so they help you train much harder, faster and longer! That means your body can perform exercise with higher intensity! During intense workouts, higher calorie expenditure is achieved, but also afterward your body will continue to burn calories because of the post-exercise oxygen deficit created – meaning because you had more fuel you’re able to go harder and burn way more calories during and after the workout!
  • *CONSISTENCY* is the best fat loss secret there ever was and that will never change. Being able to consistently follow a plan which emphasizes portion control and promotes sustainable eating habits gives you the fastest route to success… Carbohydrates are the most palatable food group for most people, which means having them in your diet makes life more fun and gives you more variety. When something becomes fun, consistency is easy to apply every single day. That’s why our team of fitness chefs at Nutrition Solutions prepare a new menu every single week and no two menus will ever be the same! They understand how important these factors are to our clients success…

Hopefully this article has given you some valuable perspective and a new found appreciation for carbs.

I also hope the next time you hear someone who has no idea what the hell they’re talking about try to say carbs are the devil you’ll drop some knowledge and correct them on the spot!

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