The Shocking Truth About Dairy Alternatives

The Shocking Truth About Dairy Alternatives

Most believe that drinking this stuff is beneficial to their health.

Billions are spent strategically marketing it as “healthy” to make sure it stays that way

Revenues of these products are projected to reach $38 billion by 2024.

So it’s big business.

But here’s the truth about the stuff…

It’s highly processed, full of sugar, is made using MSG, toxic oils & emulsifiers – and the “vitamins” in it…

Are FAKE. (synthetic)

I’m talking about dairy alternatives like almond milk, oat milk, and soy milk.

People turn to dairy alternatives usually for 1 or 2 reasons.

They believe it to be healthier than dairy milk.

They’re lactose intolerant.

95% of commercially sold dairy alternatives are trash.

Highly processed and full of mental health-destroying GMOs, specifically seed oils…

Seed (vegetable) oils came on the scene in 1900 and were sold as machine lubricant. (you can google it)

Seed oil consumption is now being linked to obesity, depression, and heart disease.

Dairy alternatives also contain emulsifiers which are added to mimic the texture of dairy milk.

Gut inflammation and an increased risk of obesity and metabolic disorders are linked to the consumption of emulsifiers.

Soy has been shown to increase estrogen, which can lead to unwanted weight gain and low testosterone in men.

Avoid at all costs.

Understand that when it comes to what’s “healthy”, it’s not just about what has lower calories.

Ingredients are far more important.

Start paying attention to nutrition labels.

If you see a sh*t ton of ingredients listed that you can’t pronounce…

Let alone possibly know what it does to your long-term health, be conscious it isn’t for you.

Your diet should consist predominantly of high protein, nutrient-dense, whole foods.

When it comes to almond milk…

You can find some organic options if you look hard enough.

If you like milk and can tolerate dairy…

The healthiest and most nutrient-dense option would be organic grass-fed whole milk.

Not regular whole milk. Or fat-free, skim, 2% etc.

Organic grass-fed whole milk.

Goat milk is also a fantastic option.

Both are exploding with valuable, appetite-suppressing micronutrients and quality protein.

You can find grass-fed milk in any grocery store and goat milk in Whole Foods, Sprouts, etc

They are higher in calories per serving than dairy alternatives.

But are filled with quality nutrients and have just 1 ingredient.


If you’re lactose intolerant and enjoy dairy alternatives…

ORGANIC almond milk is your best option.

Don’t let calories be the only metric you focus on.

That’s what Big Pharma wants.

Ingredients, protein, and nutrient density need to be prioritized.

Here’s a simple, solid rule of thumb regarding nutrition.

The more ingredients something has…

The less good it’s going to be for you.

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