The Best & Worst Alcohol For Fat Loss

The Best & Worst Alcohol For Fat Loss

At Nutrition Solutions, we’re advocates of hard work, discipline, and consistency toward your health & fitness goals.

But living a healthy lifestyle is also about balance.

Including the occasional consumption of adult beverages for some.

To help you make the healthiest choices when you decide to have a drink…(or two)

Here Are 5 of the BEST & WORST Types of Alcohol for Fat Loss!
The Best Choices…

Every drink listed in this section contains 100 calories…or less!


With 69 calories & just ½ a carb per, a martini is always a safe bet.

It also makes you look classy.


70 calories per 1 oz. serving. Simple, efficient.

An argument could also be made that whisky drinking can boost one’s mental toughness as well. 🙂


64 calories per 1 oz. shot and gets the job done!

Enough said.


Vodka has less than 100 calories per 1.5 oz.

And water of course has 0.

Add a lime to flavor and you have yourself a clean, low-calorie cocktail.


Packed out with potassium, antioxidants, and magnesium, you really can’t go wrong with a glass of wine.

A 5oz glass has about 100 calories and out of your white & red options…

Red wine is the more “heart healthy”, antioxidant-rich option of the two.

The Worst Choices…


Contains 3-400 calories per glass and 30-40 grams of sugar.

Usually made with 3 shots of alcohol, it will expedite your buzz…

But also assists in the formation of love handles & agonizing hangovers.


Coke is a favorite mixer amongst hard liquor drinkers.

But a single serving has 140 calories and a disturbing 39 GRAMS OF ADDED SUGAR!!

Avoid at all costs.


A margarita packs anywhere between 250-350 calories and 30+ grams of sugar.

Just 1 puts you over the recommended daily sugar intake for adults!


You may think beer is a safer bet because you avoid sugary mixers and such…

You may be surprised to learn that some beers have 250-400 calories each!

If beers are your “poison” of choice…

Stick with Michelob Ultra or Heineken Light, which have 90-95 calories, and don’t miss the mark on flavor.


Some Pina Coladas contain more than 600 calories and 80+ grams of sugar.

That’s as much sugar as 8 Krispy Kreme donuts! That’s a hard pass.

The most important part about alcohol should you decide to consume it…

Is to drink responsibly – and NEVER DRINK & DRIVE.

Have fun and be safe out there.

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