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The Magical Benefits of Garlic You Never Knew Existed

The Magical Benefits of Garlic You Never Knew Existed

Although garlic is now most commonly associated with garlic knots, it was actually used as a super herb in ancient medicine.
Over thousands of years, the Babylonians, Egyptians, Greeks and Chinese have used garlic to fight disease and cure illness. In this article, you will learn about all the benefits of garlic and how it can help you improve health and even reduce disease risk!
Garlic Can Fight off Flu and Sickness
One of the most powerful benefits of garlic is its ability to fight off colds and flu: it is actually more powerful than the more well-known supplement, vitamin C.
Several studies have found it can boost your immune system, our body’s natural defense system that keeps us disease free, each and every day.
Research into Garlic has found it can work in 2 ways; firstly by helping you stay free from illness and secondly by helping you recover faster if you actually get the flu or sickness.
In one study carried out on groups of individuals over a winter period, they found those who consumed garlic were 63% less likely to catch a cold than the other group not taking garlic. (4). On the other hand, they also found that it reduced the period of illness in anyone who did become ill from 5 days right down to 1.5, which is a 70% reduction!
During winter, when dieting or if you simply get sick/ill on a regular basis, try adding in 1 gram of garlic supplementation per day!
Garlic Can Improve Blood Pressure, Cholesterol & Reduce Disease
Elevated blood pressure and cholesterol is a serious risk factor in heart disease and strokes, in fact, it’s responsible for the most deaths out of every disease on the planet.
High blood pressure is known as a lifestyle disease, being caused by a lack of exercise, sedentary lifestyles and a poor diet. Along with fixing these issues, taking garlic supplementation has also been proven to be as effective as blood pressure medication.
For cholesterol, garlic continues to excel by reducing both total cholesterol and unhealthy cholesterol particles that play a key role in heart disease, known as LDL.
In patients who have a high heart disease risk, they found it reduced cholesterol levels by over 10%, which can be significant enough to lower their risk factor down a whole point.
Garlic can also reduce disease due to its anti-oxidant properties, which fight off harmful substances known as ‘free radicals’ and ‘reactive oxygen species’. When these build up, they attack our cells and, in the long term, cause cell death, which can lead to inflammation, obesity, diabetes and cancers.
Further research found garlic supplementation increased our body’s antioxidant content while also reducing the amount of oxidative stress (a marker of free radical build up) after just a few weeks of supplementation!
Other Benefits of Garlic
Along with fighting off disease and illness, garlic may improve bone health, sports performance and even help you detox.
For thousands of years, the Greeks provided their Olympic athletes with high doses of garlic. Interestingly, new human research has shown it could enhance recovery, reduce fatigue and increase exercise capacity.
Garlic may also act as a natural detox, removing heavy metals and toxins from the system. In modern day life, toxins can quickly build up inside the body which can affect hormones, such as lowering testosterone and increasing xenoestrogens.
Finally and especially for females, garlic has been shown to help maintain bone health during menopause. To support this, other research has also shown garlic to have a positive effect on osteoarthritis.

Garlic is an Incredible Superfood

As you can see, garlic is a very impressive and also very tasty superfood.
This is just one reason we use garlic in our dishes here at Nutrition Solutions, helping all our clients achieve incredible health and enjoy gourmet meals all day, every day.

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