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The Big "Secret" to Success!

The Big "Secret" to Success!

I receive at least a hundred messages a week from people all over the world who ask me what they can do to get ahead, move their lives forward, and become successful…

If there was some little trick, shortcut, or magic pill I could put you on to, trust me, I would in a second! I want EVERYONE to win and experience the very best of what life has to offer

Unfortunately, the formula for personal and professional growth is to simply do the work…

That’s it.

“The work” in this instance is not just showing up to your job and going thru the motions of the obligatory grind; The work and the big “secret” everyone is always searching for, and how I answer this question 100% of the time, is investing in personal development.

Whether it’s getting more regimented and strict with your eating habits, exercise routine to where you’re confidence skyrockets and you’re able to look and feel better, reading/listening to books, podcasts, watching YouTube videos, subscribing to educational blogs, or volunteering in the community in some way to serve others on a higher level, the only way to get where you’ve never been is to do things you’ve never done.

Nobody is going to reward you for doing the things you’re expected and/or paid to do, nor will you get the results you seek if you only do the right stuff some of the time or just when you feel like it, and your circumstances will damn never change unless you do

That’s a fact. So let it sink in and embrace it as reality.

My good friend Kris Gethin touched on this important fact of life perfectly during a recent talk he gave to our team, and I’m hoping you’ll invest: 60 of your time right now to watch and invest in your own personal development!

Kris is one of the most, if not the most, highly respected, influential, and educated fitness celebrities in the entire world. You can follow him on IG and Facebook using these links. @krisgethin & Kris Gethin.

Kill it every day,

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